More Taunts and Compliments

Discussion in 'Animations' started by shitface, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. This mod adds 26 new taunt and compliment animations to Image As Designed.

    To install: open the zip file and move customizable_action.xtbl to your SRIV folder, which can be found here:

    c:/program files/steam/steamapps/common/saints row IV

    Currently this mod has reached the table size limit for customizable_action.xtbl. If you want to change the available taunts, simply replace their entries with other animations from anim_default, life_default, or other animation xtbl files, found in misc_tables.vpp_pc. Some of them are not preloaded outside of missions or may not work properly with the player skeleton. If you add new entries to customizable_action.xtbl your game may crash when customizing your character.

    New Animations:

    Crackhead Tweaking
    Crowd Cheer C
    Crowd Cheer D
    Dbno Suffer
    Genki Reaction
    Hostage Idle
    Hs Victim Kill
    Hs Victim Toss
    Lap Dance 1 A
    Lap Dance 2 A
    Lap Dance 3 A
    Nut Shot Back Victim
    Piss In Public
    Pole Dancing A
    Pole Dancing B
    Pole Dancing C
    Run On Fire
    Stag Stand Salute
    Supersprintattack Behind 2 B
    Supersprintattack Behind 4 B (My favourite!)
    Supersprintattack Behind 5 B
    Tai Chi
    Yoga Idle

    SaintsRowIV 2013-11-03 14-34-10-40.png SaintsRowIV 2013-11-03 14-29-59-09.png

    Now part of the SR4 Ultimate Mod Compilation pack! Download that instead!
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  2. As always Shitface great job on yet another mod :D, I realy like fact you have given info on how to customise it aswell
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  3. ^^ exactly this! You always deliver, nice job shitface :)
  4. Yes, I can finally piss on bums again.

    Edit: Cheer for the President 2013-11-05_00001.jpg
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  5. Well, I like this mod at all, but how to make the new taunts and compliments used by the saints/homies?? o_O
  6. do they work in co op?
  7. Yes.
  8. any chance you could make a homie taunts option to pick the homies actions ?
  10. make one for twerking lmao
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