More Super Power Effects

Ever Hate That default blue trail if so I am here to fix that I have no changed the effects of the suyper run so it can either be invisible, shoot rainbow stars ,leave a electric trail leave a leave a fire trail and leave a acid trail.I also changed the Dfa marker to be red and the freeze blast to be invisible.

To install place the matvfx file I n your sr4 install location choose wich effect you want from the folders in the rar file then put the Vfx file of your choosing in the main folder


  • More super VFX rAr1.1.rar
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*cough* Shouldn't this be in "Mods in progress"?
Don't suppose you could tell me where the changes are in the matvfx file? As I already have one and want to keep it. Great work regardless! Keep it up!
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I really like the poison trail but was wondering how to change the ice blast back to the original effect. I have trouble with using the ice blast without the original effect because I have trouble seeing sometimes.
Is there anybody who knows how to restore the ice explosion effect and that can give me instructions on how to do it? Also I was able to change the poison acid effect version into a blood effect version for myself. It looks cool with my character because he looks like a vampire.

EDIT: nevermind i realized to use my own vfx.xtbl file and change that one
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