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  1. More Mission Checkpoints v0.7
    Created by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU

    === Description ===
    This mod adds more checkpoints to various missions.

    This is an WIP release so expect some bugs. I did restart from every checkpoint to ensure the missions are still beatable, but minor cosmetic problems might remain.

    Saints Row 2 was the first game in the series to have mid-mission checkpoints, but they are few and far between, and some missions like "Reunion Tour" or "Salting the Earth... Again" are completely lacking checkpoints. Saints Row The Third and onward went with more frequent checkpoints.
    This mod aims to add more checkpoints to Saints Row 2, so like in newer games, you will not lose much progress on failure.

    Are the missions too easy now? Challenge yourself with "MMC_HARD" option described below, which will make the missions always use the Co-op difficulty regardless of the number of players. You can still use the checkpoints added by this mod, so the game will become more intense, without adding much frustration.

    === Configurable flags in mission_globals.lua ===
    If you open "mission_globals.lua" file in a text editor, there are some flags that you can change from "false" to "true" to enable some bonus features.

    MMC_HARD: If enabled, missions with Co-op specific difficulty setting will always use the Co-op version even in single player mode. The exact change varies between missions, but generally more enemies will appear, notoriety is higher, and some bosses have more HP. Most missions will also give two cars for you at the beginning. Note that bh06 "Thank You and Goodnight!", rn07 "Visiting Hours", and dlc05 "Corporate Meltdown" have very different objectives during Co-op but these are not activated with this flag.

    MMC_MORE_HUD: If enabled, some missions will display more HUD elements, such as the health of important objects (The car in "Bleeding Out") or wave progess ("The Enemy of my Enemy" and "Bad Trip") etc.

    MMC_REDUCE_DEFENSE_TIME: If true, reduce the overly long "defend something" timer for bh03 "Waste Not Want Not" and ss10 "Assault on Precinct 31"

    MMC_WINNERS_DONT_USE_DRUGS: If true, will disable the drug effects on ss06 "Bad Trip" and sh_ss_fishingdock "Sunnyvale Gardens Fishing Dock"

    MMC_EPIC_FAIL: If enabled and you hit a mission failure condition (except dying), instead of an abrupt cut-to-black, you will burst into fire and explode.

    MMC_CENSORED: If true, the following missions will behave like the censored Saints Row 2:
    * tss01 Jailbreak: Removes the doctor
    * tss03 Down Payment: Remove human shield related messages and increase HP of the shanties. CAUTION: Destroying shanties require thrown weapons such as Molotovs and Grenades!
    * bh05 Bank Error in Your Favor: The guards must be killed to proceed, and Jessica becomes a homie
    * ss04 Veteran Child: Veteran Child do not use Shaundi as a human shield

    === Install ===
    To install, copy all lua and cts files inside "missions" folder to optional_mod_stuff\1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE folder in Gentlemen of the Row mod folder.
    Then execute "Create_Custom_GotR_v1.9.2.bat", create a patch (P), and copy everything inside the MY_CUSTOM_PATCH folder to your Saints Row 2 installation folder.

    === Changes to the Missions ===
    tss01.lua: Jailbreak
    * Added an ability to skip the mission.
    Cancel the mission and restart the mission from scratch. (Not from a Checkpoint!)
    A dialog with four NULLs will popup. Select the first option to skip the mission. Select the second option to cancel the skip offer.
    (I'm sorry for four NULLs. I didn't want to modify le_strings files just for this feature.)
    * Additional Checkpoint: When you kill the first guard with a firearm (Tutorial route)
    * Supports MMC_CENSORED flag

    tss02.lua: Appointed Defender
    * Added an ability to skip the mission (same as Jailbreak)
    * Additional Checkpoints: When the 4 minutes timer starts, when the timer stops, when you exit from the courthouse

    tss03.lua: Down Payment
    * Additional Checkpoints: At the beginning of Kill Samedi, Destroy Shanties, and Kill Remaining Bums objectives
    * Saints Hideout status is temporarily reverted to Level 1 on replay
    * Supports MMC_CENSORED flag

    tss04.lua: Three Kings
    * Additional Checkpoints: When you reach the Suburbs, and when starting each lieutenants' objective
    * I added a variable "OPTIONS_I_HATE_TOWTRUCK" at the beginning of the script. This is not enabled by default, but you can change it to true to skip Carlos' Tow Truck objective. Because I hate Tow Truck.

    sh_tss_caverns.lua: Stilwater Caverns
    * Checkpoint: At the beginning of "Destroy Shanties" objective
    * Removed and cleaned up bunch of unused codes


    bh01.lua: First Impressions
    * Additional Checkpoints: 5th waypoint at the cave, at the beginning of water path, and at the beginning of land path
    * If water path is chosen, player's homie is automatically dismissed. This is because if a player's homie is present, Maero or Carlos do not warp to the boat, causing the mission to fail.

    bh02.lua: Reunion Tour
    * Checkpoints: When you reach the first car, destroy the first car, reach the second set of cars, destroy the second set of cars, reach the final car, and at the beginning of the final escape sequence
    * GotR changed the Notoriety Cap to 5 instead of 2 due to Donnie can be revived, but I had a lot of trouble fending off these gangs early in the game, so I decided to change the Notoriety Cap depending on what other gangs you already defeated.
    ** MMC_HARD flag is true: 5 stars
    ** Replay: 5 stars
    ** Both Samedi and Ronin destroyed: 5 stars
    ** Samedi or Ronin destroyed: 4 stars
    ** At least 5 story missions of Samedi or Ronin completed: 3 stars
    ** None of the above: 2 stars

    bh03.lua: Waste Not Want Not
    * Additional Checkpoints: When you reach the helipad, when you kill the initial guards on the helipad, and after the helicopter crashes
    * If MMC_REDUCE_DEFENSE_TIME flag is used, "Protect the Helipad" objective's required time will be reduced to 60 seconds instead of 90 seconds, because most enemies will be dead and you will be bored by the last 30 seconds.
    * I added the following variables at the beginning of the script:
    ** OPTIONS_LOCK_GOO_LOCATION: Choose the location of the Nuclear Goo item instead of randomizing
    ** OPTIONS_SHOW_GOO_ON_MINIMAP: Set true to show the location of the Nuclear Goo item on the map

    bh04.lua: Red Asphalt
    * Additional Checkpoints: When you reach Donnie's garage, when you attack Donnie the first time, and when you get near the truck
    * Changed Donnie's marker to blue (instead of red) because you fail if you kill him.

    bh05.lua: Bank Error in Your Favor
    * Additional Checkpoints: When Jessica turns off alarm, and when you enter Jessica's car
    * Supports MMC_CENSORED flag

    bh06.lua: Thank You and Goodnight!
    * Checkpoints: When you reach the Brotherhood guards, and when you enter the truck
    * Added a "have fun with fireworks" trigger near the start. When activated, it will give you the Fireworks weapon and disables all mission objectives so you can have some fun with the Fireworks.

    bh07.lua: Retribution
    * Additional Checkpoints: When you reach a new objective
    * Added a green marker to the store clerk because you fail if he dies.

    bh08.lua: Jail Bait
    * Additional Checkpoints: When you destroy each bus, and when you enter a boat or a plane

    bh09.lua: The Enemy of my Enemy
    * Additional Checkpoints: When you reach the ship and encounter Ultor security, and after beating each wave

    bh10.lua: The Siege
    * Additional Checkpoints: Each waypoint of Brotherhood HQ

    bh11.lua: Showdown
    * "Checkpoints": If you die too many times in a row, you gain double defense. If you die more, Maero's friends will not drive trucks.

    sh_bh_apartments.lua: Sommerset Apartments
    * Additional Checkpoints: When you complete the first and second area (these checkpoints are only given if you follow the GPS's recommended order)

    sh_bh_chinatown.lua: Imperial Square Pagodas
    * Additional Checkpoints: When you enter each area, when the merchant of each area shows up, and when you complete each area
    * Changed each merchant's marker to blue (instead of red) just like Donnie in Red Asphalt.

    sh_bh_docks.lua: Poseidon Alley Docks
    * Checkpoints: When you enter the truck, and when you reach the Brotherhood hideout

    sh_bh_airport.lua: Wardill Airport Hangars
    * Additional Checkpoints: Before defending the computer, and after Brotherhood trucks are destroyed


    rn01.lua: Saint's Seven
    * Additional Checkpoints: When you kill all Casino Guards, and when Gat plants his bomb to the first door

    rn02.lua: Laundry Day
    * Additional Checkpoint: After Weapon Dealer

    rn03.lua: Road Rage
    * Checkpoint: When you kill 4 bikes

    rn04.lua: Bleeding Out
    * Additional Checkpoints: When the initial timer expires, and when the car makes a big jump

    rn05.lua: Orange Threat Level
    * Additional Checkpoints: When you reach near the airport and the initial timer stops, and when you go near the Ronin lieutenants

    rn06.lua: Kanto Connection
    * Additional Checkpoint: When Jyunichi's HP is down to 50%

    rn07.lua: Visiting Hours
    * Additional Checkpoints: When Gat's health is restored, and when you enter the helicopter (Note I've tested these checkpoints only on 1-player mode)

    rn08.lua: Room Service
    * Additional Checkpoints: When you move to different floors after placing bombs, when you place the last bomb, and at the final escape

    rn09.lua: Rest In Peace
    * Additional Checkpoint: When Shogo's HP is down to 50% and a cutscene is played

    rn10.lua: Good D
    * Additional Checkpoints: When you reach each set of pillars, and when the timer is down to 40 seconds (If you retry from this checkpoint, the pillar will have less maximum HP)

    rn11.lua: One Man's Junk...
    * Additional Checkpoint: When you enter the waterboat

    sh_rn_stripclub.lua: Suburbs Strip Club
    * Checkpoints: When you kill the first group, and after the cutscene

    sh_rn_sciencemuseum.lua: Humbolt Park Science Museum
    * Additional Checkpoint: When you reach the server room

    sh_rn_museum_pier.lua: Amberbrook Museum Pier
    * Checkpoints: When you kill the first group, when you reach the second group, when you kill the second group, and when you destroy the first boat

    sh_rn_rec_center.lua: New Hennequet Rec Center
    * Additional Checkpoints: When you reach the casino, when you wipe the first room of casino, and when you wipe the second room of casino
    * Made the Saint Agent dismissable


    ss01.lua: Got Dust, Will Travel
    * Additional Checkpoints: When collecting the first Loa Dust, and when the final chase begins (this checkpoint is only given if a player is in a vehicle)

    ss02.lua: File in the Cake
    * Additional Checkpoints: When you reach the island, when you reach the prison gate, and when you reach Laura

    ss03.lua: Airborne Assault
    * None, because:
    ** There is already a checkpoint halfway and the mission is very short
    ** No instant fail conditions outside of getting your heli destroyed (Enemies will never escape unlike what the in-game message says)
    ** No Co-op specific difficulty

    ss04.lua: Veteran Child
    * Additional Checkpoints: When you complete the first nightclub, and at the beginning of Veteran Child boss battle
    * Supports MMC_CENSORED flag

    ss05.lua: Burning Down the House
    * Additional Checkpoints: After destroying each lab, and the Final Chase

    ss06.lua: Bad Trip
    * Additional Checkpoints: After leaving the starting area, when Pierce arrives, and after completing each wave

    ss07.lua: Bonding Experience
    * If you retry the mission after failing, the helicopters of the current checkpoint will have less HP

    ss08.lua: Riot Control
    * Additional Checkpoints: When Pierce leaves and 60 seconds elapses, and when he returns

    ss09.lua: Eternal Sunshine
    * Additional Checkpoint: When you enter the warehouse, and when you kill a enemy in the second floor

    ss10.lua: Assault on Precinct 31
    * Additional Checkpoints: When you get near the van (only if you're in a vehicle), when you enter the police station, when Shaundi starts hacking, and when she finishes hacking
    * If MMC_REDUCE_DEFENSE_TIME is used, will reduce the hacking time to 90 seconds instead of overly long 165 seconds

    ss11.lua: The Shopping Maul
    * Additional Checkpoint: When you enter the shopping mall

    sh_ss_trailerpark.lua: Elysian Fields Trailer Park
    * Additional Checkpoint: When you destroy the first trailer

    sh_ss_crackhouse.lua: Bavogian Plaza Drug Labs
    * Additional Checkpoint: When you kill all the marked enemies on the first floor

    sh_ss_student_union.lua: Stilwater University Student Union
    * Additional Checkpoints: When you kill the first enemy, and when you enter the building

    sh_ss_fishingdock.lua: Sunnyvale Gardens Fishing Dock
    * Additional Checkpoints: When you destroy all fishes, and when you plant the bomb


    ep01.lua: Picking a Fight
    * Additional Checkpoints: When you reach Pierce or Shaundi

    ep02.lua: Pyramid Scheme
    * Additional Checkpoints: When you reach Saint's Row district, when you earn 4 stars notoriety, when you get near the Pyramid's sewer entrance, and when you collect the key

    ep03.lua: Salting the Earth... Again
    * Checkpoints: Get to Yacht, Kill Ultor Executives, Board the Getaway Boat, and the Final Chase

    ep04.lua: ... and a Better Life
    * Additional Checkpoints: When you completly deplete the Limo's HP at the beginning, when you enter the heli, when you destroy first two security nodes (only if you destroy them in the game's recommended order), and when you reach the final battle

    sh_tss_ugmall.lua: Rounds Square Shopping Center
    * Additional Checkpoint: When you kill the first set of enemies


    em01.lua: Revelation
    * Additional Checkpoints: When you beat each wave

    dlc04.lua: Traffic Control
    * Additional Checkpoints: When the Limo enters the scene, and when you reach the roadblock

    dlc05.lua: Corporate Meltdown
    * Additional Checkpoints: When you drive the truck to the first and second destination, and when defending the final truck
    * Triggers a Mission Failure when the trucks are destroyed at second-half of the mission.

    === Changelog ===
    v0.7 (June 23, 2019)
    * Disabled Aisha's House's "Crib Trigger" pink lights from Ronin mission cutscenes.
    * ss04.lua "Veteran Child": Sometimes the Flashbangs are glitched; ammo cannot be picked up or its ammo count stays at 0 even when picked up. To workaround this glitch, when you restart at Veteran Child fight checkpoint, the game now automatically gives you some flashbangs.
    * dlc05.lua "Corporate Meltdown": Changed the player respawn position of second Masako attack so the players spawn near the truck when restarting.

    v0.6 (May 27, 2019)
    * ss01.lua "Got Dust, Will Travel": The first checkpoint no longer requires you to kill the dealer and collect the Loa Dust again.
    * bh05.lua "Bank Error in Your Favor": Accidently did not ship the MMC_CENSORED compatible version until now. I'm sorry for this.

    v0.5 (April 13, 2019)
    * bh02.lua "Reunion Tour"
    ** Added Donnie's diagloue explaining how the Detonator works (originally unused in the vanilla game)
    ** Correctly re-enables minimum notoriety level when restarting from a checkpoint
    * ss01.lua "Got Dust, Will Travel"
    ** Added MMC_HARD flag support (spawns more enemies)
    ** Added warning message and a visible 30-seconds failure timer if you leave the drug dealer groups. (In the vanilla game the mission was failed without any warnings)
    * sh_rn_museum_pier.lua "Amberbrook Museum Pier": For safety, do not start the gameplay until the enemies are loaded

    v0.4 (January 7, 2019)
    * Added "MMC_CENSORED" flag to mission_globals.lua which allows you to make certain missions play censored versions (e.g. in bh05 "Bank Error in Your Favor" Jessica becomes a homie instead of a human shield)
    * bh06.lua "Thank You and Good Night!": Added a "have fun with fireworks" trigger near the start. When activated, it will give you the Fireworks weapon and disables all mission objectives so you can have some fun with the Fireworks.
    * ss02.lua "File in the Cake": Riot version of Prison is now correctly loaded when restarting from Laura's checkpoint
    * ss04.lua "Veteran Child": v0.2 accidently shipped with the debug flag on, which started the mission from nightclub. I'm sorry about this. Fixed on v0.3.
    * sh_rn_rec_center.lua "New Hennequet Rec Center": Made the Saint Agent dismissable
    * tss03.lua "Down Payment"
    ** The intro cutscene, which takes place inside of Aisha's House, no longer has the "Crib Trigger" pink lights. These triggers are reenabled after the intro.
    ** Saints Hideout status is reverted to Level 1 during mission replay.
    * ep03.lua "Salting the Earth... Again"
    ** Added checkpoint at the Final Chase.
    ** Two boats are waiting for you if MMC_HARD is used.
    ** After the mission, Crib Triggers are not enabled if Ultor Yacht Crib is not purchased yet.
    * ep04.lua "... and a Better Life": After the mission, Crib Triggers are not enabled if Phillips Building Crib is not purchased yet.

    v0.3 (June 9, 2018)
    * Added Secret and DLC missions.

    v0.2 (June 3, 2018)
    * Now covers all missions except "ss03 Airborne Assault" and extras/dlcs
    * Changed how the skip is implemented in "tss01 Jailbreak" for more stability

    v0.1 (May 7, 2018)
    * Initial Release

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  2. Nice, I don't like restarting missions so this will be helpful.
  3. Nice mod but I'm gonna wait to get this mod until its out of the WIP stage.
  4. Fan of Saints

    Fan of Saints Modding patch tester

    Game crashes when I attempt to skip Jailbreak, after picking one of dialog options. It also crashes when I launch Jailbreak in replay mode.
  5. Version 0.2 released. Now covers most missions of the game (except the secret mission, two DLC missions, and ss03)
    See the first post of this topic for download.

    In v0.2, I've added a bit of waiting code (wait until the players are ready to move) before prompt is displayed, and end cutscene is skipped. Hopefully the missions are more stable now...
    SaintInChief and Fan of Saints like this.
  6. v0.4 released.
    You can now play censored versions of certain missions. Pictured here is Jessica homie in "Bank Error In Your Favor":

    bh06.lua "Thank You and Goodnight!" now has "have fun with fireworks" mode where you can play around with the Fireworks weapon.
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  7. More Mission Checkpoints v0.7 released.
    Curiously, dlc05 Corporate Meltdown calls a function "helicopter_shoot_vehicle( FRIENDLY_TORNADO, heli, 0, 0 )" which doesn't exist in PC version of SR2.
    The friendly helicopter tries to shoot Masako helicopters, but fails because the attack function doesn't exist.
    "helicopter_shoot_human" and "helicopter_shoot_navpoint" do exist, maybe I can use them to replicate...?
    Fan of Saints and SaintInChief like this.
  8. Those should work, assuming the npc driver has a set name, assuming it does so should work just fine with the shoot human., no idea about shoot navpoint tho, wouldn't it only shoot that exact point only though? I honestly would give shoot_human a go
    nclok1405 likes this.
  9. I modded the mission so the friendly helicopter tries to shoot one of the enemy occupants, and now... well... it works! Sorta...
    The friendly heli shoots a missile but most of the time it misses, but this is likely going to be the best possible workaround.

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