Modified Sandbox+ The Most Wanted Hell Edition


I have a new version of sandbox+ I say to the most wanted edition, whenever mission homie see you do something bad or kill a husk he will kill you until you your notoriety reach level 0.

After I was adding triggers to any targeted homie and messing around in saints row 3 and 4 that's not in public, I deliver this functions from previous game or 2 it to the 5th game for now, call homies and switch team or current team and have decker team hated in new hades you got that. They FBIs will portal the city in case it's matt, kinzie and gat are the only human cops fully replace all the enemy demons and also it's switch to STAG.

Player and Followers
R+Insert = Player cycle 8 teams
R+delete = Cycle undercover 8 teams (Players gets the second team undercover in civilians will give to no have enemies shooting when your discharge your firearm)
R+PGUP = followers cycle weapons (get from phone)
E+Delete = enable superpowers are car
R+Up = insane followers kills peds
8+down = Followers switch teams
8+Up = Followers enable/disable superpowers (re-enable it didn't work)
R+] = quick undercover to saints (recruit your saints then switch current team by using [+R)
[+R = follwers switch to player's current team
RIGHT+R = player no damage set to 0.0
LEFT + R = follower cycle random teams
DOWN+1 = you and your followers will never die
1+EBD = followers don't turn on player
7+Home = dismiss followers (it's works!)

5+Insert = passenger mode

CTRL+up = no police notoriety
CTRL+cycle = police notoriety
2+home = fake police notoriety
2+insert = forgiven and clear notoriety
1+up = player can be busted by cops
1+left = team changers hostile/allies mix up no effect to saints
1+delete = police don't shoot peds when human shield


1+End = toggle health pickups
1+PGDOWN = the city hates the deckers team
1+RIGHT = toggle hostile/allies for saints (they attack each other)
1+[ = old rivals gangs are hostile to each team
1+] = old rivals gangs are reunited
8+LEFT = cycle peds flees

Traffic and World
7+insert = cycle different spawn of peds or army of FBIs
8+delete = cycle ghost town
8+left = cycle peds fleeing behaviour
PGDOWN + cycle ped and traffic density

R+HOME = Slew mode
8+PGUP = no hud
8+delete = player pos. XYZ
End+CTRL = tattoo store
PGDOWN+CTRL + friendly fire
RIGHT+CTRL + clothing store
left+CTRL + character creation

CTRL+insert = toggle superpower attacks
CTRL+home = toggle supermovement
PGUP+CTRL = toggle superpower cooldown

PGUP+2 = saints hostile to neutral gangs

Mission Misc.
INSERT+1 = toggle insane mission homie (Shakespare's stomp tutorial mission only for now)
R+down = kill team (Mission Police, Luchadores to clear after shutting down the mission to prevent notoriety iusses)
8+[ = enable homie sense of crimes (Shakespare's stomp tutorial mission only for now)
8+] = cycle any notoriety triggers whenever this homie in mission will go hostile on you
7+[ = shutdown the mission (in Shakespare's party building doors are open allow to take him outside)
7+] = open follower slots, set recruitable, restore everything (recruit or dismiss don't even work)
7+Up = show notoriety rate

Shakespare stomp
3+insert = add Shakespare to your party (didn't work)
3+home = have Shakespare teleport you
3+pgup = Shakespare cycle team
3+delete = Shakespare set insane
3+end = Shakespare cycle weapons (except specials and explosives)
3+pgdown= Shakespare god mode
3+right = Shakespare ignore/un-ignore
3+left = Shakespare switch player's current team
3+down = Shakespare remove all weapons
8+pgdown = cycle Shakespare superpowers
8+right = toggle Shakespare super sprint (en-enable don't work)

oh, forgot to show you this video.

First you have to start a new game, after you complete to first tutorial you unlock another missions where use get new superpowers then save your game and third step go STOMP in objective list of Shakespare mission and go toward the building. Once this mission start activiate enable homie sense of crimes 8+[ and shutdown the mission and open doors using 7+[, when you leave the building teleport Shakespare towards you pressing 3+home and have fun with him or her of character.xtbl below if the notoriety acts up leave the area.

Oh, I've update dismissing sandbox+ command.

it you need keyblind get it from here


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I only team behaviour to only found SRIV mission scripts
team_make_allies("police", "deckers")
team_make_hostile("stag", "police")

A guess...
It's it team_make_neutral or team_make_passive or team_make_docile or team_make_docile or team_make_impartial?

I could find the 3rd one to restore back neutrals rather than staying hostile and allies to another team forever

I could think its the name of neutral cuz , I seen in GTA V capture base for NPCs behavour friendly, hostile and netural

That's not the codes I found - This is wrong functions names I try to type these as a guess.
team_make_neutral("police", "deckers")
team_make_neutrals("police", "deckers")
it didnt work or wrong function name, these aren't in Kinzie's toybox however work in SR3 too.

I think whenever the Notoriety hits zero the saints just set neutral to police/gang, I could find the Notoriety.lua for used function i havent get yet.

I try to do any current gang on undercover to police minigames with guessed team_make_neutrals before I seen it in GTA

if CHANCE_TIME == 0 then
team_make_allies(PLAYERS_TEAM, "police")
team_make_allies(PLAYERS_TEAM, "stag")

sandbox_message("Undercover, don't blow it up. It's your only chance. Keep it yourself and your teammates cool.")
team_make_hostile(PLAYERS_TEAM, "police")
team_make_hostile(PLAYERS_TEAM, "stag")
team_make_hostile(PLAYERS_TEAM, "police")
team_make_hostile(PLAYERS_TEAM, "civilian")
-- team_make_hostile("civilian", "civilian")
sandbox_message("Undercover is cancelled.")

elseif player_action_is_pressed(B_RIGHT) and not GRENADE_PUSHED then

--sandbox_message("Hold the button to press.")
-- sandbox_message("Player Teams:\nSaints-1\npolice-2\nstag-3\nmorningstar-4\ndeckers-5\nluchadors-6\nneutral gang-7\ncivilian-8")

sandbox_message("Followers are set in your current team.")