[Mod Release] Jacob_MP's Invisible Player Mod

===== MOD NAME =====

[Xenia] Jacob_MP's Invisible Player Mod

===== MOD OVERVIEW =====

- Allows players to make their character invisible. This mod replaces the player's character meshes of the four default presets (the hair, eyes, sideburns and body if the player is Caucasian, Hispanic, etc.). This also affects the player's default clothes, making the player character completely invisible (**see known issues below).

- Highly recommended to be used when starting a new game as opposed to using them on an existing character as visual bugs may occur (floating clothing items, etc.).

- Players can still buy, wear and change clothing items with this mod installed as it doesn't affect every item of clothing. If you want to remain invisible, please refrain from buying or wearing any clothing items (boxers, sneakers and socks are invisible by default, the same with the player's body and default hair options). If you want to cosplay as a floating pile of clothes, then the option is still there for you to explore.

- Only tested to work with Saints Row (2006) when launched with the Xenia emulator (see installation instructions below if you get stuck).

- Mod adaptations and tweaks are welcome. Remember to have fun with it and feel free to let me know if you find anything new!

- The original packfiles are included for those who wish to reverse the effects of this mod.

- New game highly recommended.


- Extract the compressed mod folder.

- Copy and paste the enclosed packfiles folder on top of your packfiles folder in your Saints Row game directory (emulated via Xenia).

- Start up the game and enjoy!

- Stuck with modding or installation? Check out Flippy's video here (How to Play Saints Row 1 on the PC):

===== KNOWN ISSUES =====

- Players may sometimes see parts of their character via "reflections" through the area where they're meant to see their character's body mesh, namely the torso area. This is because I had to use an invisible "jacket" mesh as a substitute for all of the other meshes used by default on the player's character model (most notably those found in the presets listed above; Caucasian, Hispanic, etc.). This shouldn't be an issue when watching cutscenes.

- Controller acting like a mouse? If so, disable Xbox Configuration Support via Steam (if Steam is installed) by selecting Steam > Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings. This issue isn't attributed to this mod and is only one of many solutions to this issue.
**Check this Twitter post of mine for more info on this:

- Additional solution to the above (controller acting like a mouse): https://www.saintsrowmods.com/forum...-like-a-mouse-for-xenia-emulator-users.20347/

===== CREDITS =====

- Jacob_MP (myself): Substituting player character meshes with invisible ones.

- Flippy: Introducing many of us to emulating this game and modding it, credited for creating the aforementioned tutorial (How to Play Saints Row 1 on the PC). See installation instructions above for Flippy's video tutorial.

I'm also planning on showcasing mods for Saints Row (2006) and other games via my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnTQ5SsRGZuWdTnZMiMs4fA


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