[Mod Release] Jacob_MP's Hoodless Destiny Spawns Mod + Hoodless Vehicle Investigation

===== MOD NAME =====

[Xenia] Jacob_MP's Hoodless Destiny Spawns Mod

===== MOD OVERVIEW =====

- Allows the Destiny vehicle to spawn in-game without a hood 100% of the time (only found via in-game observations and editing the game files).

- The final outcome of my findings when testing my hypothesis of how Saints Row occasionally spawns certain cars without hoods attached to them.

- I've included all of my findings in this YouTube video regarding the hoodless vehicle spawns in Saints Row and Saints Row 2:

- Only tested to work with Saints Row (2006) when launched with the Xenia emulator (see installation instructions below if you get stuck).

- Mod adaptations and tweaks are welcome. Remember to have fun with it and feel free to let me know if you find anything new!

- The original packfiles are included for those who wish to reverse the effects of this mod.

- New game highly recommended.


- Extract the compressed mod folder.

- Copy and paste the enclosed packfiles folder on top of your packfiles folder in your Saints Row game directory (emulated via Xenia).

- Start up the game and enjoy!

- Stuck with modding or installation? Check out Flippy's video here (How to Play Saints Row 1 on the PC):

===== KNOWN ISSUES =====

- None detected (as far as this mod is concerned).

- Controller acting like a mouse? If so, disable Xbox Configuration Support via Steam (if Steam is installed) by selecting Steam > Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings. This issue isn't attributed to this mod and is only one of many solutions to this issue.
**Check this Twitter post of mine for more info on this:
- Additional solution to the above (controller acting like a mouse): https://www.saintsrowmods.com/forum...-like-a-mouse-for-xenia-emulator-users.20347/

===== CREDITS =====

- Jacob_MP (myself): Adjusting spawn values for vehicle parts. Putting this small mod together.

- Flippy: Introducing many of us to emulating this game and modding it, credited for creating the aforementioned tutorial (How to Play Saints Row 1 on the PC). See installation instructions above for Flippy's video tutorial.

I'm also planning on showcasing mods for Saints Row (2006) and other games via my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnTQ5SsRGZuWdTnZMiMs4fA


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