Mod not working and I'm not sure why

Discussion in 'Modding Patch Beta' started by DriemMastR, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. DriemMastR

    DriemMastR Modding patch tester

    This is likely because I'm not correctly understanding the mod format, but here's how I think it works:

    In the new format, we only add what is being changed, plus any parental tags.

    Right now I'm trying to convert Captain McFluffy's easy unlocker mod. I created a file this way, same as I did with the "Unlimited Super Powers" mod, and it's not working. The Unlimited Super Powers one, however, is.

    I'm including both my new unlockables.xtbl and Captain McFluffy's original as reference.

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  2. [V] Knobby

    [V] Knobby Volition Staff

    First off let me apologize profusely for this post going unanswered for almost 4 months. This is no reflection on you or your question, just that I missed the notification and I'm apparently terrible at just looking at the forum randomly. That's terrible and I wish you would have poked me about it. :)

    So looking at the table file it doesn't look like you have the data of interest in your new table. Stuff like the updated price for Element_Buff_Life_Steal and many others. I'm happy to look at this more, but could you package it up for me the way you are testing it? (On the workshop is even better. Note that I'm pretty sure you can mark your mods private and invite just me to view them.)
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  3. DriemMastR

    DriemMastR Modding patch tester

    Knobby- no worries. And I apologize for the delay in MY response. I had to put my PC in storage a couple weeks after my original post and haven't been active here. I'm back and may give this another go, but I recently posted on a thread about what the community thinks is proper procedure when converting mods from authors no longer active. I actually wasn't mentioned there since I credited the original author but I "outed" myself and want to see what the community thinks about that before I go converting any more mods.

    Thanks again for your response, at anytime. If I come back to this, will certainly get a hold of you for further support.
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