Mod is broken, what should I do?

Sorry for the double post. Is there any fixes to the new version of the game to allow mods to be used?
It says here, to obtain the old version of SRIV for all the mods be usable for now.. few mod still working well in Re-elected version, but cant say for sure which ones..
So as we all know SR4 got an amazing update everybody been waiting for and it's the Re-Elected update. It adds crossplay but also... breaks a ton of mods. Many new people joined the forum recently because the game is also available on Epic but sadly they can't enjoy the modded game either.

What can you do to enjoy the game with old and new mods? I have good and bad news:
1. Good news - if you own the game on Steam and you were forced to update it you can revert back the update and here's the tutorial how to do it:
Or use the legacy build (yes, the finally fixed it)
1. Right click on your game in your steam library
View attachment 34225
2. Go to betas tab and select sriv_legacy
View attachment 34226

2. Good news - if you own the game on GoG you can use a Rollback feature to switch the version to the previous one. Here's a tutorial how to do it but I'm not sure if it works:

3. Bad news - if you own the game on Epic... well... SR4 was never released on Epic before so you can't revert the update there so you need to wait for an update (if there's any planned) that will fix that. You can also play with F13's mod comilation that works with the newest version of the game:

Update: Volition are aware of the problem with mods and they're currently working on a fix. It's not confirmed how long it will take so be patient

Last thing: please don't spam mod creators their mods don't work. We know that but we can't do much about it. My friend had to remove almost all of his workshop mods because he got flooded by comments of people saying his mods don't work. It's not our fault the they don't work anymore. Blame Deep Silver who released this shitty update (every mod worked fine before it but they had to change something in the game's code) not us.

Thank you.
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@Spadita thanks for the information. The problem is that I got the new version of the game to work, and honestly, it looks and plays really awesome, and there is a ton of little DLC packs in the Re-Whatever Edition that I don't want to revert to the old legacy version. Sure mods are fun, and I love the nude mod @Kizburger created. So I guess it's a trade off. I prefer to play without mods I guess, not to mention I tried going back to the legacy version as you and others suggested, but it never worked out for me.

I am going to ask in the Kiz's thread, maybe there is some new information about this new version of the game getting updated for mod support.
Okay I found the main problem, I'm using Epic version. I think it was not a big problem because I got the game for free