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Mix-&-Match Male Body Hair Tats

Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by Pawper, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. I'm starting work on a set of tattoos of body hair for males. Ideally, these will just be added to the selection instead of replacing other tats, but I can't be sure, I just read that Gibbed found out a way to do that. I am just barely diving into the process and haven't really figured anything out yet, so bear with me as I learn what the bloody hell I'm doing.

    Anyway, I've separated the project into three milestones of sorts. I'm going for the first one first, and if it's not too demanding I'll go on to 2 and 3, but it depends on how it all goes.

    1) A general body hair tat for each of the tattoo body areas. You can only wear one tat from each area, so that's essentially the limitation for combos.
    • Head:
      • Top (N/A)
      • Neck (back of neck)
    • Upper Body:
      • Entire back (General mid-back-to-butt patch)
      • Upper back (The hair "wings" across the shoulder blades)
      • Lower back (Butt)
      • Entire chest (Happy trail from mid-chest down)
      • Upper chest (The hair "bra," if you will, across the chest)
      • Lower chest (Pubic)
    • Arms:
      • Entire right arm (Armpit)
      • Upper right arm
      • Lower right arm
      • Right hand (fingers)
      • Entire left arm (Armpit)
      • Upper left arm
      • Lower left arm
      • Left hand (fingers)
    • Legs:
      • Entire right leg (mid-thigh down)
      • Entire left leg (mid-thigh down)
    Unless there's some complication I'm not aware of, each tat can be customized using the color picker, and they'll be $0 each.

    2) Greater levels of furriness, somewhat similar to those represented in this guide:
    So beyond Milestone 1's "hairy" set, which would be the red, that's:
    • Hairier set (blue)
    • Hairiest set (yellow)
    Though there will be some differences based on how I will have each area represented, however lightly, even in the plain "hairy" set. Also, beyond just spreading out, the hairier/hairiest sets will be thicker.

    3) Different hair styles, like groomed, curly and straight/flat.

    Let me know if you have any directions/tips/advice to get me going, or if you have some thoughts, or if you can help in any other way. Thanks.
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  2. Progress Updates:

    2/20/2013: I downloaded several mod tools and am currently using MiniMaul's Recursive Unpacker to unpack the game's files.
  3. Arioh

    Arioh Modding patch tester

    Hmm, i will look foraward for your mod... this is one of customisation aspects that i missed in that series...
  4. Wyv


    Watching with great interest.
  5. any progress yet or is this mod dead?
  6. I'm guessing "dead" considering Pawper hasn't responded in this thread since 2013. :(
  7. it sucks that jedi dave's character customization isn't compatible with female nude mods.