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  1. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    Mission Replay with World State Changing v8 by IdolNinja, gibbbed, Corrodias, luckz

    Adds Replay mission options to your phone for each mission as you complete it. Starting a replay mission will load its world state permanently after finishing or cancelling it. This means you can easily swap back and forth between the 8 or so different world states like drawbridges up/down, stag in town, statue blown up/solid, etc.

    This mod has been a huge group effort both on the forums and in group chat. :)

    !!IMPORTANT!! Certain mission replays will not work correctly with some save files that have had the missions completed in coop instead of single player without this mod installed. What happens is that you start the replay and nothing starts; i.e. no waypoint is setup, no phone call, etc. There is a fix now though! Use Corrodias' latest v2.2 of his save editor and simply load your save and then save it without making any other changes. It will auto-correct this issue and all your replays will now work correctly. This process will also auto-correct any homie grayed out issues as well if you have them!

    There are now 2 flavors of the mod included in two separate folders and you'll need to pick one of them to use:
    MISSION_REPLAY is the standard set of files
    MISSION_REPLAY_NO_OUTFIT_CHANGES includes everything in the normal version, plus it removes all forced wardrobe changes on replay so you can play missions in whatever outfits you want.

    First select one of the two folders, and then copy all the loose files from that version to your SR3 install folder:
    ..\steam\steamapps\common\saints row the third\

    Make sure to delete other mods that use the same .asm_pc files before installing this mod! They will not be compatible unless you update the asm yourself with gibbed's tools!



    * Added Trouble with Clones replays
    * Fixed deckers.die mission so that the radio doesn't come on when driving the tank in the overhead combat section
    * Fixed the Zimos cutscene replay with the correct title; Painting a Picture
    * Moved 3 Count Beatdown replay below Remote chance replay to fix story order
    * Added alt version that removes forced wardrobe changes for all replays


    Updates all files to work with Gangstas in Space DLC

    Adds Gangstas in Space mission replay including cutscenes



    Adds the following mission replays: We've Only Just Begun cutscene, and Stilwater Blues phone call

    Fixes replay names for the cutscene missions Phone Phreak and Face Your Fear

    Removes all restrictions for crib garage menu during missions so the player can take out vehicles (only from crib menus. on foot keys still don't work)



    Updates all files to work with Genkibowl DLC

    Adds Genkibowl mission replay including cutscenes



    m07 Return to Steelport ponycart chase fixed so Saints will not spawn and interrupt

    m09 The Ho Boat end cutscene now shows the correct interior for the 3 Count Casino

    Saints HQ is now restored to purple lighting at endgame when the crib is restored. This actually fixes a bug in vanilla from Volition



    asm files updated to correctly work with the new SRTT patch that released on 12/12/11

    The Nuke Plant reactor crib and 3 Count Casino crib are now correctly restored on mission replay

    The Belgian Problem replay no longer teleports players to the ocean on success



    Added 4 stronghold missions and 18 minor character missions to replay:
    Stronghold: The Powder Room
    Stronghold: Pimps Up, Hos Down
    Stronghold: Stop All The Downloading
    Stronghold: 3 Count Beatdown
    Pierce, Kinzie, Zimos, Angel arcs (18 activity and cutscene missions)


    m01 Good Heists Gone Bad - Game no longer crashes after completion. Character customization skipped on replay. Mission script bug where players could not shoot out the window of the plane has been fixed for both replay and first time playthrough.

    m03 We're Going to Need Guns - Skips Friendly Fire weapon upgrading/purchase check on replay so players with full ammo/upgrades can get past this point by simply exiting out of the menu.

    m07 Return to Steelport - Safeword BDSM Club zone now loads correctly so you can rescue Zimos. The door in the manager's office was also fixed to open correctly after interrogation

    sh02 Pimps Up, Hos Down - Safeword BDSM Club loads correctly and no longer teleports players to the roof on start. Also, players are teleported back outside at mission complete and should no longer stuck in the garage where the brute was killed.

    sh03 Stop All the Downloading. The parachute into the core section should now always load the correct zone and not have the player fall through the bottom. Kinzie's dialogue no longer overlaps with players on replay during the heli section.

    m06 The Belgian Problem - Second Elevator now always works correctly, and mission completion now teleports players out of the building correctly

    m08 Trojan Whores - End cutscene now has the correct background of the nuke plant underground

    m16 http://deckers.die - End cutscene now correctly shows the 3 Count Casino background

    m24 Gangstas in Space - Now loads all final postgame zones on replay. If you want to set everything to proper endgame, simply play and complete this mission or just start it and immediately cancel

    Stag Plane crash now loads correctly on Arapice island for zombie takeover and zombie zone world states should now be correct

    Stag zones world state should now load the correct options on replay


    Adds 24 Main Mission Replays to phone


    * m04 "Steelport Here I Am" has a minor issue if STAG is active in the world state and the park is barricaded then the waypoint will try to send you through it. You simply need to find the gap in the wall and walk to the start to meet Pierce. After the mission inits then the world state will be set correctly and you can drive out (no barricade.)

    * Some users have reported that Murderbrawl XXXI replay is slightly sped up for the music and some overlapping dialogue. Others seem to be fine. More feedback is needed

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  2. EDIT: Ignore my downloads, mod above has everything useful incorporated

    got a never-ending loading screen when the mission upon completion asked me to create a character (and I downloaded a random one). worked fine before that. plays the sexy game intro too.
    it would be good to see if we could check whether the player has already created a character (or is replaying the mission) and to then skip the character creation.
    as tested in coop: when it does not lead to an endless loading screen after character customization for the host, it breaks his camera like it got paid phat cash for it.
    quick and sexy fix: http://luckz.de/upload/srtt-excessivesr3_m01.rar
    mission_set_next_mission("m02") instead of mission_set_next_mission("mm_m1_5") in line 1139 of m01.lua

    the plane windshield in #02 - free falling cannot be shot if you have an upgraded SMG; it does not work with an upgraded handgun either.
    potentially the mission should be changed to not take all your items away at the start?
    quick and dirty fix: http://luckz.de/upload/srtt-excessivesr3_m02.rar
    2in1: http://luckz.de/upload/srtt-excessivesr3_m01m02.rar
    commented out the bit where it cares about the windshield being broken. enabled extra swearing and mid-air handguns too, so not "clean".

    in #03 we're going to need guns, the bridges need to be lowered, else most of the tanks can't get to the fight. you can still kill them though.

    steelport here I am #04, has you go meet pierce inside an area potentially cordoned off by stag. he delivers a car and you need to get it to rim jobs. however, you can't get the car out of the stag area. luckily, you can enter any other car to successfully progress through the mission. it works fine otherwise.
  3. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    I'm curious to how people feel about world states. We have one of two different ways we can approach mission replay:

    1. save all the current world state variables then revert back on replay completion. This would mean that the world would remain the same as it is no matter what you replay. It would also mean creating a set of optional mods later that let you pick a world state to load.

    2. Permanently change the world state to whatever it is after the replay. This would be more dynamic for the player and allow them to change back to any previous world state simply by replaying the mission. For example, replay mission 1 and then stag are gone from the world, drawbridges are down, no outbreak, etc. Replay a later mission to set the world to that state, etc.

    I quite like option 2, but I wonder if people would rather just keep the endgame world state permanently without the replays reverting it back.
  4. Having both options to choose from for the GoS release would be perfect but I like option 2 personally. Because any changes made can always be undone by replaying certain missions, and it makes the world more malleable which is always a bonus in sandbox games.
  5. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    That's where my head is at as well. I just think how handy it would be to simply replay an earlier mission to get the bridges down and do some chop shops, then do a later mission to get stag back. I think it would be much easier than rebuilding GoS with a different set of mods just to change world state back and forth.
  6. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    I got the replay of m01 to hang after downloading a character from the community site. Not sure yet if that's the cause or the game is trying to do something else.

    It also hangs if you use the default character. I think the problem might be that m01 leads directly into m02 and not the open world.
  7. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    Uploaded an updated version to the OP that should allow you to access the missions menu even if you've already completed the game. Feedback needed since one of my characters has an issue where he can choose any replay mission, but nothing happens after. No waypoint or anything. Luckz was able to use his completed character just fine though.
  8. Corrodias

    Corrodias Generally Awesome

    The window-shooting bug on m02 exists in the vanilla game, and it does seem to be related to having upgraded weapons (via co-op). I have a small mod that helps people through it. It'll be in my troubleshooting collection post shortly. We'll probably want a more robust solution, though, one that doesn't just flip the "is the window broken" boolean check.
  9. Works just fine with my completed character, but I should mention that by "completed" I just mean all the story missions, not the activities, gang operations and so on (I'm at about 80% completion overall). Also, in "The Belgian Problem", the first elevator works fine, it's the one that Oleg says "will take us to Phillipe's office" that transports me to the roof.
    BTW, is there a way to lower all the drawbridges? It can be annoying having to make stunt jumps mid-mission.
  10. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    That's one of the things I'll be fixing in the mission scripts. For now, you can edit sr3_city.lua and add the following lines to function sr3_city_main()

    city_zone_swap("lockdown", false)

    -- Disable Traffic Splines Over Drawbridges
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(1, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(2, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(7, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(8, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(9, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(10, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(11, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(12, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(13, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(14, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(15, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(16, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(17, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(18, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(19, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(20, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(21, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(22, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(23, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(24, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(25, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(27, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(28, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(29, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(30, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(31, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(32, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(33, false)
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