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    Here's a reference to all the missions in the game. They are actually kind of difficult to keep track of since they all have a In Progress name in the Quest Log, and a Mission Complete name when finishing them. Hopefully this will help sort it all out.
    SPOILER WARNING: This list has all the objective text as well and will spoil the story for you


    1. M00,ZERO SAINTS THIRTY,PURPLE OPS,ZERO SAINTS THIRTY,Cyrus is ready to launch a nuke at Washington. We need to take him out

    2. M01,THE SAINTS WING,HAIL TO THE CHIEF,THE SAINTS WING,Thank God for gerrymandering

    3. M02,A PLEASANT DAY,LEAVE IT TO THE SAINTS,A PLEASANT DAY,The perfect life is brought to you by Friendly Fryer

    4. MM_1_1A,THE FUNDAMENTALS,LEARN THE RULES...,LEARN THE BASICS,,,, buy a gun shoot some cops do a flashpoint go to kinzie's warehouse, unlock vehicle delivery hack

    5. MM_1_2 N/A,LEARN THE RULES...,TIME TO INCREASE THE TEMPO, Get 4 clusters buy super sprint and super jump do training tutorial forced blazing activity

    6. MM_1_3 HOT AND COLD,LEARN THE RULES... LEARN TO DAMAGE THE ALIEN PRESENCE,Let's see how things work here, Hot Spot Warden Unlock Blast and Freeze element

    7. M03 THE REAL WORLD, THE ESCAPE, BREAK OUT OF THE SIMULATION, We need to get back to Earth, Find door, make way to landing pad, fly ship to escape, unlocks the ship, gateway west stanfield, kinzie and keith homies, gang customization

    8. MM_2_1 HACK THE PLANET, BREAKING THE LAW,TAKE OVER A STORE,There's lots of ways to disrupt the simulation, notification statues, text adventure pages

    MM_2_2 BREAK ON THROUGH, BREAKING THE LAW,TAKE OVER A STORE,There's lots of ways to disrupt the simulation, forced Rift platforming


    10. M04 GET CID, GHOST IN THE MACHINE, HELP THE AI ENTER THE SIMULATION, To access the other simuations, we need the AI. If we have to get him a body then do it. Telekinesis and force element, CID homie, Gateway South Downtown, Bounce Rifle


    11. M06 MILLER-SPACE, ZERO COOL, BREAK MILLER OUT, I hate him. We need him. It's time to save Matt Miller.

    12. M07 MATT'S BACK, ZERO COOL, RETRIEVE MATT MILLER, I hate him. We need him. It's time to save Matt Miller., Matt homie gateway south new colvin,

    13. MM_4_1 THE WARDEN\nSTOMP, ANOMALOUS READINGS,FIND THE READING'S SOURCE, I think the Zin are tracking you, be careful and watch your back., Stomp with Rock element

    Super Powered Fight Club forced activity

    14. M08 DE PLANE BOSS,BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND,FIND JOHNNY GAT, Don't get your hopes up. shaundi and fun shaundi homies disintegrator gateway west carver island audio logs notification unlocks m09,10,11

    15. M09 THE SAINTS FLOW,THE BOSS GOES TO WASHINGTON,RESCUE PIERCE, Pierce needs help. BAD., homie Pierce
    16. M10 KING ME,KING OF STILWATER,RESCUE BEN KING,To get back your Chief of Staff, you'll have to revist your mutual past. Ben King homie
    17. M11 THE CASE OF \nMR. X,FROM ASHA WITH LOVE,RESCUE ASHA,She may not be the most pleasant person, but if you're going to stop Zinyak, you need Asha.

    18. M14 A GAME OF CLONES,EMERGENCY SITUATION,SOMETHING'S WRONG IN STEELPORT,Something strange is happening in the simulation. You're going to be attacked until this situation is resolved.
    OBJ2 REMOVE THE CLONES FROM STEELPORT, buff fire element, gateway arapice island,

    19-20 (sidescroller+mission). M15 WELCOME BACK,...THE VERY NEXT DAY,RESCUE JOHNNY GAT,I did what you asked. We're ready to save your friend. Dash Shield, Johnny Gat homie, Death From Above.

    21. MM_DFA POWER TRAINING,DEATH FROM ABOVE,LEARN MORE ABOUT DEATH FROM ABOVE,Jump-kicking works in 2D sidescrollers. Let's see how it works here.

    22. (virtual reality escape) M16 WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER,THE KINZIE GAMBIT, MEET THE CREW TO BRING DOWN ZINYAK,Everything's in place. It's time to end this once and for all.
    23. (real world ship) M17 ALL HANDS ON DECK, Genkimobile
    NOTE: 22 runs into 23

    TALKIE TALKIE, TALK TO MATT MILLER, We're stretching out gameplay. Come see me! (doesn't count as a primary quest at all)

    24. M18 HE LIVES,THE GIRL WHO HATES THE 50s,LOCATE KEITH DAVID,We're not leaving Kinzie behind.,super powered keith david, roddy piper homie,

    25. M19 HELLO TEACUP, THE GIRL WHO HATES THE 50s, RESCUE KINZIE, We're not leaving Kinzie behind, dubstep gun, propaganda truck,

    26. M20 WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY,KEYMASTER,COLLECT PARTS FOR THE KEY, If we want to shut down the simulation, we'll need to build a key


    28-30 M22 FINALE GRAND FINALE,PUNCH THE SHARK,GRAND FINALE,You want the good ending? Hope you bonded with your crew,iron suit, change tod,

    22 (25) Missions (1 of them is actually a 2-part mission, and the finale is 3 part, so actually 26 total.)
    5 tutorial/mini missions (MM_1_1A,MM_1_2,MM_1_3,MM_FB,MM_4_1) All of these are at the start when you hit virtual Steelport
    7 Loyalty Missions

    There are 3 forced activities that don't count as missions in the total (blazing, mind over murder, and Super Powered Fight Club.)

    7 Loyalty Missions
    MOL_BK_01 DANCING QUEEN (Benjamin King Loyalty)
    MOL_JG_01 GAT TIME, FUN TIME (Johnny Gat Loyalty)
    MOL_KZ01 KINZIE'S ADVENTURES (Kinzie's Loyalty)
    MOL_MM_01 NYTEFALL (Matt Miller Loyalty)
    MOL_P01 BROTHERHOOD (Pierce Loyalty)
    MOL_SH_01 PSYCHOSOMATIC (Shaundi Loyalty)
    MOL_VI_01 ASHA'S VIP (Asha Loyalty)

    Tutorial, intro, mini missions missions:
    MM_3_1 A STATE OF MIND (Insurance Fraud side quest)
    MM_3_2 GOT TO GET ME ONE (Tank Mayhem side quest)
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  2. IdolNinja's mission ID list seems came from when the game was still in development.

    A few corrections and additional info:

    • MM_1_1A (The Fundamentals) was renamed to mm_1_1
    • MM_1_2 got a mission title "Bending the Rules"
    • M04 (GET CID) was removed
    • M15 (Welcome Back) is split into two parts:
      • m15_1: Saints of Rage
      • m15_3: Mech Suit
    • Grand Finale internal IDs:
      • m22_1: Grand Finale
      • m22_2: Grand Finale Part Two
      • m22_3: Grand Finale Part Three
      • m23: Grand Finale Part Four
    • Loyality Missions:
      • MOL_VI_01 (Asha's VIP) was renamed to mol_jb_01
      • MOL_SH_01 (Psychosomatic) was renamed to mol_sh01 (note the lack of underscore)
      • MOL_KZ01 (Kinzie's Adventures) was renamed to mol_kz_01 (note the addition of underscore)
    • Everything listed under "Tutorial, intro, mini missions missions" were removed
    • mm_0_1 was missing from the list. It is the Initial Character Customization played before m01 (The Saints Wing)
    • Rift Activities:
      • r_leap01: Platforming Rift 1
      • r_leap01: Platforming Rift 2
      • r_leap03: Platforming Rift 3
      • r_speed01: Speed Rift 1
      • r_speed02: Speed Rift 2
      • r_speed03: Speed Rift 3
      • r_tk01: Telekinesis Rift 1
      • r_tk02: Telekinesis Rift 2
    • Enter the Dominatrix:
      • dlc1_m01: Save the Planet
      • dlc1_m02: Meet the Dominatrix
      • dlc1_m03: At the Races
      • dlc1_m04: Pop his Top
      • dlc1_m05: Escape the Dominatrix
    • How the Saints Save Christmas:
      • dlc2_m01: Miracle on 3rd Street
      • dlc2_m02: The Fight Before Christmas
      • dlc2_m03: The Santa Clawz
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