Minimal HUD

Simple mod that makes the screen less cluttered

- Follower heads and their health bar removed. (to make things more realistic)
- Removed stamina bar so you can't tell how much sprint you have thus making it realistic as you can never really tell how much stamina you have.
- Crosshair has been reduced to a regular dot and made notoriety system shadows removed.
- Health and ammo has been moved much closer to the radar and respect bar has been removed.
- Icons around the map has been changed to grey.
- MP Lobby HUD is more smaller.
- Mission hint texts have been removed but kept the very important bonus texts during activities.
- Hints and Health warning has been muted.
- Icon above the objectives and door Icons has been removed for a realistic feel of the game.

(Create a backup before modding your files)
-How to install-

1. unpack misc.vpp_xbox2 and misc2.vpp_xbox2 from your SR1 packfiles and copy and replace the user_interface.xtbl file into misc1 and misc2 folder and repack it and you are done with that part.

2. unpack pegfiles.vpp_xbox2 and then copy and replace interface-backend.peg_xbox2 in your pegs folder and then repack and you are good to go.

If you want to edit the textures of the HUD you totally can!

For those who want to edit the textures is included.


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