Hi! This mod is awesome.
Could you make the Johnny Gat knife melee attack from Gat out of hell too? That would be so cool.
The knife is not preloaded and i don't know how to preload assets, anyway this would also cause issues with other mods
same with the fact that there's an animation limit so bunch of animations would have to be removed to make room for GOOH ones
I've done GOOH takedowns for SR4 before but after second attempt i couldn't get them to work glitch-free
Update coming soon:
-Mod reworked from scratch, it's no longer a buggy mess and i managed to get the new melee moves to work properly this time
-The updated melee moves work just like Saints Row 2 or Saints Row Gat Out Of Hell, you have to punch the enemy few times and then it will trigger a finisher move, i made it also randomly trigger special synced melee moves to keep the combat fresh
-Restored the following melee animations: Chain Moves, Synced Chain Moves, Synced Finishers, Synced Starters
-Melee rework:

------Light Punch (Left Mouse Button)
Works pretty much like vanilla game but with new things added
+Chain moves trigger as starters but also as the second punch sometimes (upgraded, properly working version of already existing release)
Synced Chain Moves, Synced Starters and Synced Finishers trigger together after at least two punches have been dealt to an enemy, i wanted to restore the unused starters properly but game crashed when there was no enemy, so they're part of finishers and do small amount of damage, same for synced chain moves
+Neck break is still part of the mod but same rules as finishers apply, you have to punch the enemy twice and the third "punch" will instead trigger the neck break, you have to stand behind your enemy however!
+As a bonus the vampire takedown is also part of the neck break and it will randomly play, although i'm not sure if i can include this in the mod because it's a DLC asset, although it doesn't regenerate your health - it's just animation and visual only (i assume it would work if you have the DLC purchased, maybe?)

------Hard Punch (Right Mouse Button)
Now works like Left Mouse Button, you have to punch an enemy few times in order to trigger the final move
+First punch will often be "Big Punch" or "Superman Punch" which are animations already used in final game as vanilla melee combo finishers
+Instead of the cut finishers you have beatdowns (aka the quick time events, it means this is like vanilla game but with extra step added, much better in my opinion!)

------Takedowns (F Key)
Restored cut running assault rifle testicular assault (This is already part of the current release)
-Restored cut running pistol testicular assault (This is already part of the current release)
-Restored cut running backward pistol testicular assault (This is already part of the current release)
-Restored cut running rocket launcher testicular assault (NEW! Victim animation is still missing so it was replaced with another one which actually works pretty good)
-Gat's prologue door kick animation as a random chance for regular front nut-punch (NEW! It kind of looks like you're kicking the enemy and then shooting him like a maniac, so it works pretty well)
I managed to get cut Dual Pistol takedown working, however Victim animation is still missing so it doesn't really look good and the animation itself is too slow, maybe i can repurpose this animation in some way though
-I also found a cut running punch animation that i'm hoping to restore, i have it ingame but it needs re-offsetting and i haven't decided what i want to do with it yet
-There's also two unused brute takedowns and unfortunately they can't be restored, that's because the game forcefully picks one of the two vanilla animations, however i do have a potential idea on how to use these (probably will be optional in the future release)

Stay tuned for more information!
Have you released this update yet? This looks extremely interesting and I really wanna give it a try