Melee animation triggers game freeze

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by MOTOSXORPIO, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. I've been modding for about 20 years, Diablo being my first. I've modded Skyrim, Fallout (3, NV), Oblivion, Morrowind, L4D2, basically any game I buy that it's possible. This issue has left me stumped. removal of mods 1 by 1 does not clear the issue. Only Vanilla resolves it. This is not a CTD. This is a full on GAME FREEZE.

    Description of cause:

    During melee (shooting, fighting...5 stars etc) if player or NPC attempt a power move with open hand or melee weapon (bat, sword, hammer, dildo...), game freezes and any attempt to reach desktop with cursor control is futile. A full restart is the only way to get out of the freeze.

    -Operating on Windows 10 PRO.
    -Steam game.
    -Updated drivers, OS

    -Tacticool weapons + Viper's Golden Saints 45
    -Agility Mod;
    -Obligatory nude mod, gameqube/HiBan I believe;
    -Weapons rebalance, including edits to explosions.xtbl, ammo.xtbl, weapons and weapon_upgrades.xtbl. Mainly, edits to gang weapons that shoot bullets...bigger explosions, more ammo type edits.
    -My own vehicle mods;
    -SRIV hair and clothes mod;
    -Shiny clothes;
    -Ultor Saints Secret transparent bikini/undies;
    -Female alternate stand, without "misc_tables.vppc" in "tables/pc/cache", instead anim_blend_trees.xtbl in main directory.

    Does any modder/admin here have any ideas where to look in common mods for what might cause this FREEZE?
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