Mega Mobile Mortar Missile Machine (Just go Mmmmm)

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Alo81, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. You know those rolling turret robots who are a total pain to kill because their weak spot is on their backside?
    Well buddy have I got a solution for you!

    The Mega Mobile Mortar Missile Machine.

    Aim at your target, fire, and stay focused as those mortars come crashing down. Or just keep firing. Always firing. Never not firing.

    Just download the attached zip file, and follow the instructions in the README. A nice added bonus, you also get a sick laser whip cyber pistol (my last mod - replaces the IronSaint pistol).

    This is designed to work with the RPG that has it's ultimate upgrade unlocked.

    If you just want to add this mod to a current one, then replace "Explosive-RocketLauncher" in "weapons.xtbl" with:

    Code (Text):
              <Flag>has light attached</Flag>
              <Flag>rocket flight</Flag>
              <Flag>dont detonate from explosion</Flag>
              <Flag>use bullet collision quality</Flag>
            <Flag>melee can dislodge movers</Flag>
            <Flag>explosions damage tanks</Flag>
            <Flag>allow offhand grenade</Flag>
            <Flag>do not hide when sprinting</Flag>
            <Flag>show reserve in hud</Flag>
            <Flag>not allowed with human shield</Flag>
          <Underwater_Explosion>Underwater Large</Underwater_Explosion>
              <npc_refire_type>2. Scale up in groups</npc_refire_type>
    And in "weapon_upgrades.xtbl", replace "Ultimate - Guided Rockets"with:

    Code (Text):
          <Name>Ultimate - Guided Rockets</Name>
                  <Flag>has light attached</Flag>
                  <Flag>rocket flight</Flag>
                  <Flag>use bullet collision quality</Flag>
                  <Flag>dont detonate from explosion</Flag>

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  2. Hooooooooooooooooooooolyyyy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiittt
  3. I have the weirdest boner right now
  4. Thanks for the positive comments duders!

    I'm planning on hopping back in and trying to make some more interesting weapons some time soon, just trying to mess around and get some ideas!
  5. hoeward

    hoeward Modding patch tester

    Nice, finally I can kill those fuckers without running 'round.

    That is the biggest problem :)
  6. I normaly just shoot the Mauraders with Pauls Laser eyes it kills any thing and every thing in sight :')

    Also any thing using bounce rile collision info will bounce off floor under them and blow them up :p
  7. Holy shit, that's amazing dude, great work.
  8. Any way to add this to the xtbl as a new weapon?; to avoid having to comb through that mess for the rocket launcher related stuff.
  9. Yes download F.O.S New Weapons Mod he has added this into his Weapons mod with Alo81's permision

    here is the link rember to thank him if you use the mod and like it nobody likes a leecher ;D

    Also as im talking to F.O.S as we speak I happen to know hes working on a new update so unless you wana have to redownload that mod again in a few hours id recomend waiting till umm V 6.1 is up its going to be compalible with the last update :D
  10. None of your mods work. WTF!? I can only fire one rocket at a time!
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