Mamba Leather Jacket Texture Fix

Anyone who has used the Mamba Leather Jacket for any period of time has likely noticed that there are some problems around the shoulders, and if you look closer also on the inner forearms. This image may help explain a little better:

Note the rainbow patterns on the shoulders, and white splotches on the inside of the forearms. There are other issues elsewhere that image compression has hidden, or aren't particularly noticeable in the character editor.
I spent a few hours today tweaking the texture, and I feel I've removed most to all of the issues.

You're welcome to redistribute the files in your own mod/pack, but a credit would be nice.
Unzip with your unzipping program of choice, further install instructions are included in the README file.
Please report any problems, I'll do my best to fix them in a semi-timely manner, though I'm not always at the computer with the files on it.
If there's enough demand, I may update it for Saints Row IV. (Who am I kidding, I will eventually for my own use. I might just do it faster. Actually, I can't remember if it's still messed up in IV or not :/)

This being my first release of any mod for anything, and first time attempting to format a XenForo post, I don't really know what else to say. Moderators, feel free to rip me up if I made any mistakes.

Also, sorry if this has been done before, I couldn't find anything on it.

E: While the female version is pictured, this mod also includes the fixed files for any crossdressers out there.


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