Making machinima in Saints row?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Mercier, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. Hello! I have tried to create a sr3 machinima or action scene by using mod in saintsrowmod forum , Sandbox SRTT for no hud and some good stuff
    thanks to idolninja and everyone

    in this video i have co-op with my friend and used the sniper scope+no hud and record + some video editing
  2. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    Very cool. Loved the office shootout.
  3. Awesome! :D
  4. Good work!
  5. Machinima tool would be GREAT :):)
  6. Yeah, I agree! Although, if I make one, i'd have to find other people to do like all the voices...
  7. If you need someone ----->Me (I am) <------ a Guy who can give help ;) its just call me on steam or email or skype if you have one if you're interested Just reply to me!
  8. Oh wow, I can't even begin to imagine how you recorded all the footage and how long it took!
  9. [V] Knobby

    [V] Knobby Volition Staff

    THQ actually hired a contractor to put machinima into SR3. They expected a LOT in a short amount of time and I think ultimately it was just scrapped. I believe it piggy-backed on the multiplayer stuff to force things to happen, but I don't think it wasn't incredibly accurate.
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