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  1. Windows systems will always be better for gaming. Macs can be good depending on your likes and what are your plans for it. At least for me, ill probably never buy a mac because of different reasons:

    - Imo MacOs is for super casual pc users: (Using facebook, twitter, basic works like MS Office, listening to music) Why? Its a simple system, easy to use. (If u dont want to lose time in software set-ups or that kind of stuff.)

    -As designer/3D artist, that OS simply doesnt works for me, most of the software i use is unavailable for Mac, or they requiere like 3 extra apps so u can run them, consuming most of the pc resources in order to run smootly.

    -Price: Apple isnt cheap, most of their laptops cost more than a mid tier windows pc. At least for me, its price relation is not balanced compared to other brands. If u want a potent Mac, youll need to pay more. ( And with that amount you can buy a better pc)

    But after all, personal likes i guess.... but if u want to buy a mac to play games, it doesnt sounds like a good idea lol
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  2. Thanks for the heads up, after reading that, I'm sticking with Windows lol.
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