Lower Drawbridges and Disable Zombies Mod

Hello All.

This is my first mod for the Saints Row franchise. it seems to me that there has been a lot of interest in the past in both lowering the drawbridges at the end of the story line missions, and also removing the zombie scourge from Steelport. It's probably much later than most people would have liked, but here is my mod to do both; Reset the City Mod.

What it does:

Basically, on startup it checks whether your save has completed the story line missions and if so, it lowers all drawbridges, re-enables NPC traffic over them, removes the plane crash and zombie site and disables zombie spawns. I also force the statue back to full glory, just because I can. So, the city is restored as one would expect after the Saints take control back.


Just load the sr3_city.lua file into your base dir <Saints Row The Third> and then start. To uninstall, just remove the file. This mod is not compatible with several other mods like mission replay, random encounters or sandbox+, but can be integrated relatively quickly if you know what you're doing.


This mod has now been tested through the storyline. I can confirm that the mod activates when you;
1) Complete the Gangstas in Space mission (get the credits)
2) Save & exit the game
3) Restart the game and Continue

That gives you time to get the final phone call encounter complete before the reset (see first issue). What has not been tested is what happens when the Gangstas in Space mission is completed before the Killbane mission and one saves, exits and restarts. I'm assuming that the second time around in the 3 way mission will still have all the gang and stag warfare, but the drawbridges would be down this time. If others find it behaves differently, just post a response so all can benefit.


Zombie encounter (the phone call one) does not spawn its own zombies; it relies on the local spawns to get the kills you need to complete the encounter. That means if you haven't taken the encounter before finishing off the final mission, you can't get 100% completion rate. Don't start 3-way mission for the second time (see next issue) until you have successfully completed this encounter if you want 100% completion. Also, if you get it as part of the random replays of phone encounters after the missions are complete, drive to the area and just leave. The encounter dies when you leave the area.

As raised by LeakyLine, it's also important to note that many of the raised drawbridges count as stunt jumps. If you're looking to complete the collection of those so to speak, then do them before you finish the story line. These are not part of the challenges and they don't count to completion rate, but it's important for 'collectors' to note.


I'm releasing this as a 'proof of concept' mod. What that means is that others are free to use my work and consolidate it into their own mods and build / improve upon it as they see fit. If you want to credit me, then great but it's not a condition. My only request is that if you make this mod better, post what you create here so that others can benefit from it.

Variations (2017-12-04)

On user request, I've created 2 variations of this mod; All Drawbridges lowers the drawbridges as per normal, but leaves the zombies in place. This means that as you play the game, you MAY run the risk of infesting the city (not sure if that happens or not). Zombie Park lowers drawbridges but doesn't re-enable traffic lines to Arapice Island or remove zombies, meaning that you've got yourself a little 'nature reserve' in the middle of the town.


V1.0 - Initial Release
V1.1 - Now compatible with Carrodias' Save Game Editor (New Game+ button). This was only set for the vanilla version of the mod because zombies are still on by default in the other releases. What it now does is test that storyline is complete OR mission 4 isn't. (see readme)

Have fun all.


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Sounds good, but I'm a little confused - when is the best time to install this? If I've completed both endings and the zombie phone call, am I right to assume there won't be any problems?
The beauty of this mod is that you can install it at any time, and it's not going to impact ongoing gameplay. If you have a save that has completed both endings and the zombie phone call, you can install this mod, start the game with that save, and the city will be reset with drawbridges down and zombies gone straight away. If you start a new game, the mod won't kick in until you've completed the Gangstas in Space ending on the new save. So; I have the mod on permanently, and when I first loaded it I was working with a save that had completed the entire storyline. The raised drawbridges and zombies disappeared immediately. Then I started a new game, and when the drawbridges were raised in the story and later when the zombies appeared, they stayed until I'd completed Gangstas in Space.

The ONLY caveat I have; the mod doesn't 'know' whether or not you've done the zombie phone call. If you complete the Gangstas in Space mission, the city will reset regardless of whether or not you've done the zombie phone call. All that really means is that you should do the zombie phone call mission before you complete the final mission if you want to go to 100% on your save. If that doesn't matter to you, then no problem but when the zombie mission appears, you won't be able to complete it. Further, there seems to be some code in the game that 'prefers' phone missions that you haven't completed so you might keep getting that mission because it's flagged as incomplete.

As a side note, the phone missions you seem to get once you've finished them all and the story is done are the ones closest to your geographic location. Put simply, for every 'session' of the game, you only seem to get one call for each mission, and the phone mission you're given at any time is the closest geographical mission that you haven't done for that session. As an example; when done with the story I generally hang out at Kinzie's hideout for reasons of both sentiment and convenience; Kinzies 'crib' doesn't involve a flight of steps or a lift to get to so you just walk in from where you park the car and you're in the crib, so to speak. Also, I like toasting deckers. So; when I start with that save, the first mission I get is the Deckers raiding planet saints, followed by a cop mission, finishing up with the Deckers hacking the saints book before I start to wander a bit and then come back 'home' to close off for the session. But, I digress...

I've taken the scenic route to answering your question, but Yes. You are right to assume there will be no problems given the scenario you've described. The only time you will experience problems is if you have the mod installed (or install it) after you've completed the storyline but before you've done the zombie phone mission.

Hope this helps,
Hi! Does this mod work with the steam version of the game? If yes, I didn't understand where I'm supposed to load the file. Have a great day!
Oupsie, I was just blind ^^ Nevermind !
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The drawbridge sans zombies is certainly possible, but I'd argue that you want the Arapice Island drawbridges up if you're going to do that. If not, the zombies are probably going to gradually disperse through the city as you play the game. I'll put together both variants and post them above if you like so that you can use either choice. It's now done and up on the OP.
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Seems like a great concept but I think you should make it known that people should do all stunt jumps before they install the mod if that's their kind of thing to do - most of the raised bridges are counted as stunt jumps.