Longer Balls of Fire Duration

Note: This mod only half-works: after the 25 seconds your Comet will stop auto-accelerating. I'm not sure what file to edit to change this. In the meantime, just pretend your W is glued to the floor...

This mod lengthens the time for each level of the diversion from 25 seconds to
a) 59 seconds
b) 2:30, the average length of a punk rock song
c) 6 minutes, for those longer journey songs.
> For 6 minutes I decide to make every level 20 seconds long.
For each of these the XP rewards are increased accordingly.

I made this to go with my handling mod which increases the Comet's top speed. Also because I like doing the diversion with music.

Choose the duration you want below.
Extract the xtbl file using 7zip to game folder with exe.

da_tables.vpp.pc - comet.xtbl (yes, I suppose this is called "Comet" internally)
under each <Level> tag, find <Quota>. this is the second of that level
if you want to add new levels copy a <Level> to its </Level> tag and paste it like how the others look
oh ya make sure its in game folder. otherwise nothing will happen. i wrote this because i edited the one i extracted than the one actually in game folder lmaooooo

Pic (not like it needs one):


  • Longer (2m30s) Balls of Fire Duration.7z
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  • Longer (6m0s) Balls of Fire Duration.7z
    801 bytes · Views: 111
  • Longer Balls of Fire Duration.7z
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