"Kinzie's Toy Box" SR3 Modding SDK tools by Volition

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    This is simply a repost of modding tools made available by Volition that have been around since 2013.

    Many people are not aware of Volition's pre-release of the SR3 Modding SDK called "Kinzie's Toy Box". It's been around since 2013, but it's hard to find because it's posted in the Announcements forum and in the SR4 Tools forum, which is not typically where people look for SR3 modding tools. So I'm re-positing it here, just to make it easier to find.

    The latest version of "Kinzie's Toy Box" is always available in Volition's GitHub repository here:
    To download the tools, click the link above to visit GitHub, and then click the green "Clone or Download" button and select "Download ZIP".

    You can read about the tools on the GitHub page, but here are a few of the tools available:
    • Table File Editor -- very useful for editing ".xtbl" files (see my post about it)
    • Lua function documentation -- documentation for all available Lua functions (but not always 100% accurate)
    • file formats information -- a bit of documentation on various file formats
    • various file viewers
    • Packing Tool (similar to Gibbed tools)
    These tools were first announced by Volition in this topic:
    And the actual GitHub repository was announced by Volition in these posts:
    For updates and progress, check this topic:
    Note: My main reason for posting this was the replies to my poll about the Table File Editor in this topic. A lot of people simply didn't know it existed, and it's a very useful tool!
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