Kinzie's Shirt Fix - Gat Out of Hell

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I made two versions of the kinzie shirt in purple color. Maybe someone will use it. I share this here. :)

Purple dark

Purple light

(From my Mega cloud. Because I have a problem with sharing files in my post :()!rspzVSZC!HRAhhvthv_EF0yjmfk2PJQ

I want to combine the light purple shirt from your mod with the black pants from thelaughinganon's mod (the one that keeps the red hair), but I'm not sure how. It's easy enough to use your shirt mesh file and their pants mesh file, but the issue is the customize_item.asm_pc file. If I use theirs Kinzie is invisible and the menus don't work, and if I use yours the game crashes. I don't know how to edit that file to make it work correctly.