King of Hell not triggering

I have finished everything. There is nothing left on my missions screen. I've beaten Satan, then flown back to the balcony and beaten Satan /again/.

It still says I've only done 100 challenges, not 101.
Started a new character, did all that, got the shawarma cutscene even... and am still on "100/101" of "all challenges", and no King of Hell.
Finally found a solution. I'm not sure if its the solution, but it worked for me.

There was an apparent error in "sr4_5_city_challenges.xtbl". Specifically, under the trigger conditions for 'Complete All Challenges'. It was set to 101 challenges completed as the trigger for unlocking '101 challenges completed'. However, since that 101 challenges total includes itself, that's never going to work; what it needed was to have the trigger set to '100 challenges completed', at which point finishing the first 100 unlocks the 101st for you. IOW, a recursion error.

        <Name>challenges all</Name>



Changed the goal to '100' and it worked fine, achievement popped and everything.