Kenshin Bike Overhaul

v1.2 - Kenshin Overhaul

- Reduced the turning speed of the bike and the turning angle to make it far less twitchy
- Note: You will need to slow down considerably for corners or tap space to slip the back out
- Increased the torque and changed the gear ratios, now feels much more like a sports bike

- *NEW: Massively stiffened up the suspension, especially on the front forks and increased the spring strength
- This fixes two extremely irritating problems with the original:
- 1) When doing a wheelie the driver no longer smashes the front into the floor afterwards
- 2) You no longer get thrown off your bike when moving at high speed and go over a sharp change in elevation, also you don't go flying through the air anymore at the slightest bump

- *NEW: Changed the engine sound to use the Kaneda bike sound
- The two make almost the exact same sound exept for one key difference
- The Kaneda sound doesn't keep revving through the gears, once it hits max speed the sound just makes a constant high RPM tone, which I feel is SO much better and realistic.

Install: Just place the file in the root of you Saints Row game folder
(steam\steamapps\common\saints row the third\)



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Made a further change to the increase the max turning angle. Was finding it difficult to escape from enemies while trying to manuever in tight spaces. This makes it a bit easier while still eliminating the twitchyness at high speeds.

I was intending to change the suspension too since I find it annoying how the rider bottoms out the suspension everytime they pull a wheelie. Also when driving over sharp inclines at high speed it can sometimes make the bike go out of control. Unfortunately so far I have experience really weird results so for now at least the suspension is as default.


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Installed and my god. This is the most simple and yet effective mod I've seen yet. Absolutely phenomenal sir. I wish I could hug you through the monitor. Thank you again!
NO you haven't seen anything yet... HAHA

Check the latest release for changes to the stupid suspension.
Well, hey man, I'm glad you're still working on it. Prior to using the mod I never used the bike because, obviously as you know, they handled like complete tits. Would it be possible to try it with the other bike as well? I forget the name, but it's elongated body should be an easy spot. I don't know anything about modding, but this game has seriously made me reconsider, cheerios!
This mod could be great for other bikes too, the tronlike one most of all (x2-phantom is the name?) because they are just undrivable!