Is it possible for higher population density?

In 2011, I could accept the population in the vanilla game but 10 years later it's disappointing to look at. The game is suppose to make us believe that Steelport is this scrawling city island with all it's faults yet in gameplay it's empty as ever, the only time the game feels packed is when the zombie cheat is active but that comes at the cost of removing vehicles(Besides yours). I also know that most of the population spawns around the character like in most open world games during that Xbox 360 and Ps3 era. I wonder if it's possible to increase the spawn radius of NPCs around you along with density and variety. They kind of already did that in the remaster but I'm not shelling out more money for the same game I currently have plus the original SRTT is better IMO. I can't speak for everyone but my hardware is more than capable for a higher population count(I don't even hear my fans at times playing the game.)so I would personally love to see this one day.