Introduction, and how I learned to love Saints Row.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Valentine Clarissa Z., Aug 31, 2020.

  1. Hello there and a good day to you all!

    A lot of you know me as Valentine in the SR Discord. Well, here is me, with a newly minted account and all! Thank you for the warm and fantastic time you all have given me in the server, and I do hope that I can be active here as well. ^^

    So my love for Saints Row. I want to preface that I don't intend this to be a hate bandwagon towards GTA, or any other games that I might have mentioned. I got to know GTA first, given their relatively larger popularity even in the 2000s, but then came SR2 into my life around 2013. It was a very, very fun game, I love it! :3 Of course, I have to shamefully admit that I had the "Damn, it looks like GTA" thought, but I didn't call it a ripoff. I just found that it looks similar, but one thing stood out to me among others: Customization, and Comedy.

    I love the comedy in the game, the absurdity of it all, all on top of a very, very fun game and experience. I like a fair share of seriousness, but at the same time, I do love things that don't take themselves too seriously. I have enjoyed SR2 vanilla, with flaws and all, and when I found out about GoTR, another entirely new door has opened.

    The community is also something that I like because of the relatively small player base, on top of being able to talk to the developers and staff a bit more. Sure, I would love to have more popularity for SR and for Volition, because it's underrated. At the same time though, I like the relatively small and tightly-knit community that we have, and the lack of going to the online / multiplayer direction is a breath of fresh air to me. Do I hate GTA Online? Nah. But at the rate it's going, I am just not a fan of such things.

    I have rambled on too much, so I am here once again! Valentine "The Crazy Valkyrie" Clarissa Z., or whatever I am going with this week. ;)
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    Welcome! It's good to see you here :)
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