IGN in-depth narrated AOM video


Modding patch tester
Ah. So there are costumes you can equip. That's good. That was the only thing I was worried about since there won't be full on customization.
The locale looks really interesting and quite beautiful, you don't go to different countries nearly enough in games, hopefully the activities in the open world isn't just timed races or shooting the area around you. It's hard to tell what the enemy ai is going to be like and if they are going to be intelligent/provide a challenge, with the more tactical and stat tracking approach to combat, hopefully that means there is more to work with. The handrawn aesthetic for particles and smoke looks fantastic as well, hopefully that's enhanced on.

Something that worried me is that I saw a lot of repeating civilian models, and there is some bizarre stuff like the deformed vendors face at 2:02 and the woman randomly flailing her arms around at 5:05. I hope the final release has good variety and facial animation for the civilians, and maybe less weird pathfinding and smoother animation (it was a bit twitchy), like a man just pointing at a vending machine weirdly at 1:45. More intelligent ambiance would be great. I also noticed texture flickering, some weird lighting glitches, and pop in at multiple parts in the video. Which A. Makes me glad that this is genuine advertising, and B. hopefully can be addressed. It might be a bit immersion breaking for vents and clutter to pop in like at 3:13 or my characters clothes popping in like at 3:45.

Hopefully this is helpful feedback, or should I be posting/sending this sort of stuff somewhere else?