If Volition got a chance to make Saints Row 5

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  1. All the radios stations are returning from previous Saints Row games:
    • 101.69 Sizzurp FM (They gonna be added Kool G Rap and DJ Polo ft. Biz Markie - Erase Racism And Mos Def - Ms. Fat Booty to the song list. Oh. And the Radio DJ will be DJ Irie)
    • 106.66 The Blood (It is hosted by John John)
    • 108.0 WMD KBOOM FM
    • Kabron 104.2 (Like in Saints Row: The Third, It is hosted by Estella)
    • The Faction FM 99.8 (It is hosted by Kat Corbet)
    • The Kronic 92.2 (They gonna be added Shades of Culture - The Island I’m From and Madlib - On and On to the song list. Oh. And the Radio DJ will be Clinton Sparks)
    • The Rock FM 94.8 (It is hosted by Sludge)
    • WDDT CPDG Adult Swim (It is hosted by Frylock from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. They gonna be added Asheru - Judo Flip and Io Perry - Never Let A Lady Think You Care to the song list.)
    • Mad Decent 106.9 (It is hosted by Riff Raff)
    • 99.0 The Underground (It is hosted by Ken)
    • Funk 98.4 (This is hosted by Elly Moon)
    • 105.0 Ezzzy FM (It is hosted by Stevie J)
    • The Krunch 106.66 (It is hosted by Corndog.)
    • 107.77 The Mix FM (They gonna be added Nas - The World is Yours, Doug E. Fresh - Keep Rising To The Top, Run DMC - Rock Box and Run DMC - Hit It Run Oh. And the Radio DJ will be Kevin Gill)
    • 103.6 420 FM (It is hosted by DJ Ziggy, voiced by Andrew Kishino)
    • 89.0 Generation X (Like in Saints Row: The Third, The GenX 89 Radio DJ is Tatiana.)
    • 102.4 Klassic FM (Like in Saints Row the Third, It is hosted by Valerie)
    • 95.4 KRhyme FM (Like in Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV, KRhyme's Radio DJ Big Kish is the radio host in Saints Row 5. They gonna be added Katalyst - Traveling, D'Angelo - Untitled (How Does It Feel) and Saigon - The Greatest Story Never Told to the song list.)
    • 97.6 K12 FM (Like in Saints Row IV, It is hosted by Jane Valderama)
    And a New Radio Station is:
    • Disney Radio 92.5 (It is hosted by Ashley Tisdale)
    • 109.0 Nippon FM (It is hosted by Hatsune Miku. However Miku is speaking English)
    And Saints Row 5 is also had:
    • Radio Wheels
    • On Foot Radio
    Like in Saints Row IV, There are no radio commercials and Station IDs and News Reports after mission; Only songs and DJs this time.

    I guess Volition got a chance to make Saints Row 5.
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  2. If they had that many radio stations do you know how much it would be to pay for licenses. Ridiculous.
  3. True
  4. 101.69 Sizzurp FM, The Kronic 92.2, The Faction FM 99.8, The Rock FM 94.8, 108.0 WMD KBOOM FM, The Krunch 106.66, 105.0 Ezzzy FM, 99.0 The Underground, Funk 98.4, Kabron 104.2, WDDT CPDG Adult Swim, 106.66 The Blood, Mad Decent 106.9, 89.0 Generation X, 95.4 KRhyme FM, 97.6 K12 FM, 102.4 Klassic FM, 103.6 420 FM and 107.77 The Mix FM needs to come back as a Rainbow Radio Wheel.
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  5. I see someone else is talking the cost of License...ever since SR3's Kanye West > SR4 > AOM's Trailer Music, I've always wondered what you sink into Music...can't be cheap. When I heard what happen with GTA:SA having to take out music, I thought what music would a Company with not too much Money would use (I'm working alone on Development so I would make my own Music > Execute via Acapella like an Early Youtuber who used Video Cuts to make Music or Convert Humming to Instrumental).

    I found AnimeVibe and a lot of the music sounds like nothing I've heard before. Mostly are SoundCloud Artist that need some help w/Royalities (Probably can Stretch the Budget much further with them while being very Fair to them, help with the royalties they need to use the Music & maybe extend the Songs).
    Saints Row didn't need to use Nostalgic A-Team/90s or MainStream Music it needed a better place to Advertise, be something different & have content/context from what made Volition, Volition.
    Assassin Creed Black Flag probably gain more of its success from Advertising a Pirate Ship Game + 3rd Slash & Stealth than Inserting Drake's Song.

    Okay...based on this Thread, maybe instead of More Radio Stations, maybe have Playlist of Songs in Game also re-use Music from Trailers in-Game
    - "MP3 Songs" with Fav Playlist (Custom Playlist), Preset Playlist (Faux Radio) & Shuffle like Need For Speed Series did
    - To give players a News/Talk Show feel, have "Released Podcast" that unlocks throughout the game or after event (So that way people can re-listen News Stories...cause sometimes I accidentally skip them in SR3 due to Radio being locked to Car) and/or allow players to Toggle Adverts, Podcast/Commentary & News between Playlist
    = You get to listen to Your Picks, Just Music, Preset Music, Just Talk or Faux Radio

    Also you guys should hire the people who edit these Videos for Trailers (I think even Lotto649 even used their style once)...please Finish -AOM- what you started

    Music is called Vaporwave, Chillwave, etc with a lot of Feels and great replay value...only Con = Songs are Short

    Other Animevibe

    Home - Resonace (Has a Lot of Other Songs)

    Rap Personalities by Epic Rap Battle (They own the rights to their songs, good long Songs & good at using Source Material)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kbryz0mxuMY [I bought this song, wait for Trump's Lines]
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HZ5V9rT96M [TMNT vs Artist based on Name]
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mbGUld2w-s [Creator vs Creator]
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vICX-6dMOuA&list=RD0N_RO-jL-90&index=13 [Cleopatra vs Monroe, Monroe's Sand + Downward Triangle + Crab = ?]
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yf9gulYfUh4&index=15&list=RD0N_RO-jL-90 [This one is great too, Al Capone's "Blackbeard got Capwned"]
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jmqa99Ar1Hs [Terminator vs Robocop, Terminator's In Woman's Voice "I still love you, Alex" In Terminator's Voice "BS, your sex life is Terminated]
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17CLlZuiBkQ [Batman vs Sherlock Holmes]
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wYtG7aQTHA [Wait for Micheal Bay's Part]

    This requires Hi-Cost Royalites [Dan Bull on Battlefield goes off so hard, sadly uses White Stripe beat, but is good at creating his own raps off Source Material]

    When you mix Country Auctioneer with Rap Beats, but some would require Hi-Cost Royalities (Others seem to be hand produced)

    King Vader & Wolf Graphics (I don't know if the Opening Music is his, but the Jokes are pretty good)

    Some of this Youtubers have Millions of Subscribers...could ask them to Advertise for you, but you need a Good Game to back up a Good Trailer.

    If you still want to go in the Direction of Radio, &
    - Used Combine Music Types: Classic + Jazz, Techo + Pop, Rap + Rock
    - Use Subtypes: Western Country, Bluegrass, K-Pop, Crunk
    - Music from other Cultures/Timelines: Seishun Kyōsōkyoku by Sambomaster (Japanese Blues Rock from Naruto), Blues Saraceno - Evil Ways (Western Blues from Rebel Galaxy), The Beginning of the End @3:15 (From FFType-0)

    And if Volition or Deep Silver wants to save money, just have MP3 Player so people can drop files or shortcuts in a folder to play their own music.
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  7. And I love Rather Unique's Good Dayz too. In the music video, it has prone to epilepsy at the end of dance break. So don't watch the rewind part if you're prone to epilepsy
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