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SPOILERS Ideas for volition to continue on with saints row

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by dedpul, Jul 9, 2016.


Do you think volition should continue on with saints row

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  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Maybe

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  4. I dont care

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  1. Heeyay

    Heeyay Modding patch tester

    I'm sorry but what you're describing is basically more stuff that could've been added into ETD

    As stated before, we're all entitled to our own ideas, but I'm gonna respectfully disagree .
  2. This isn't Bonetown
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  3. I've been wondering if something like that was possible for SR3.
  4. VSW


    If we're all so entitled to our own ideas then why do you keep disagreeing like you're trying desperately to stop me from having my own ideas.
    Is that all you're going to do, each time i come up with ideas you don't like or find appealing in anyway whatsoever then your big reply is "I'm gonna respectfully disagree"

    I could spend all day doing that because there's maybe 10% of the ideas here i couldn't care less about but i'm not going to waste my time criticizing each & every post.

    1. Feel free to disagree all you & whomever wants, it is absolutely NOT stopping me from having my own ideas on what i'd like to see, i buy games for me NOT for you or anyone else.

    2. I am NOT asking for your permission or your approval for any of the ideas i have, so like em or not i don't care.

    3. Why not simply save time, stop repeating your criticisms & say you agree to disagree as my tastes don't reflect your own & we can go on our merry way with it okay.

    My SaintsRow V Ideas.
    A Heaven vs Hell storyline that parodies DarkSiders, Dante's Inferno, & Marvel Zombies/The Walking Dead

    1. Expand on Gat Out Of Hell by making SaintsRow V a Dante's Inferno/DarkSiders parody this time the Saints go to heaven as an Archangel appears on the ship & hires the 3rd street Saints to kill a particular demon because it has corrupted one of Heaven's city.
    This way the name Saints continue to fit perfectly

    2. SaintsRow Zombies with superpowers, like an expansion downloadable content pack.

    3. Zombie, male/female zombie character creation.

    4. Arcane Powers for demon enemies.

    5. Corrupted versions of the Saints.
    Somehow the VR system gets damaged & corrupted versions of the Saints appear.
    Saints vs Evil Saints battle of the superpowered.

    6. Add the Devil's Workshop from Gat Out Of Hell.

    7. Alien Zoo

    8. The general enemies could be fallen angels & demons.

    9. The 3rd Street Saints using Holy Powers.

    10. Keep the wings & flying from Gat Out Of Hell

    11. Heaven's Workshop

    12. The protagonist gets a Holy Power called Cleanse like Dante's absolve power. A Telekinesis vampire type ability that removes the impurities from NPCs citizens returning then to heaven's citizens.
    Or causes them to explode when used on fallen angels & demons.

    Holy abilities could be ideas used from anime but toned down a bit like
    13. Celestial Manipulation:User can create, shape and manipulate the skies and cosmos with heavenly influence It could be a Stomp that causes falling fire or ice.

    14. Aurora Manipulation User can create, shape and manipulate auroras, a natural light display that can be seen in the sky, usually in Arctic and Antarctic regions of the Earth.
    Maybe a type of Buff of Holy light that burns any demons or fallen angels that gets too close.

    15. Density Manipulation User can manipulate the density and solidity of object or part of the object, whether living or non-living. Some users may be able to manipulate size/volume as well.
    Could be a Buff that temporarily turns the protagonist's skin to steel or a Blast attack that turns enemies into brittle stone.

    16. Intangibility User is able to move through objects and ignore most physical effects in their way Could be another Buff.
    The protagonist could temporarily ghostwalk/phase through objects.

    17. No constant on-screen popup tutorial reminders as in SaintsRow 3 & 4
    There should've been should be an option to turn that OFF!

    18. After a certain amount of gameplay any on-screen popup tutorial reminders should turn off automatically.
    Why am i being reminded what stomp, blast, etc. does after i've been playing the game for more than 8hrs.

    19. The protagonist's health & condition could be replaced with a visual appearance like a Wolverine thing.
    The more damage taken the more physical appearance changes & the Health display could be removed.

    20. Clothing shows damage.

    21. Customizable followers

    22. Claimed Saints areas could be reclaimed by enemies.

    23. A sword fighting style.

    24. Unlimited enemies like SaintsRow 3

    25. Demonic Brutes, different brute types like SaintsRow 3 but they don't end an enemy onslaught like IV.

    26. Rain

    27. Vampires

    28. A protagonist demon transformation.

    29. An expansion The Bloody Canoness missions pack

    30. Missions that's actually tailored to a female protagonist & not just a default male protagonist like SaintsRow 3's Nyte Blayde & My Name is Cyrus Temple missions where a female protagonist could've dressed as The Bloody Canoness or changed their appearance to look like Kia instead of choices clearly made for the default male.

    31. The Saints brings back Asha from Heaven & Viola & Kiki DeWynter from Hell.

    32. The default game acknowledgement includes female as well.

    33. Dismemberment.
    Certain powers/weapon should be able to take off an enemy's arm or leg or head, depending where you're aiming.

    Or with more powerful powers/weapon should obliterate an enemy into bloody chunks.

    34. There could be a male & female strip clubs with some great activities.

    35. SaintsRow V could change up snatch by changing the objective to finding beautiful women or men to be exotic dancers.

    36. Superpowered Dominatrix randomly kidnapping clients activities.

    37. Saint vs Strippers.
    Like a full Genki Bowl obstacle course run by the Genki Girls, but Saint vs Strippers & the goal is keep your clothes on & strip them.
    Each hit the protagonist takes removes clothing, & each stripper hit becomes completely nude.

    38. SaintsRow V could borrow a few things from Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude too.
    Quarters: a drinking game where coins must be tipped in a glass to get the other player drunk

    39. Bonus Weapon, MOTH GUN.
    Firing it shoots a swarm of moths that eat the target's clothes leaving then naked lol.

    40. Mud wrestling activities.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2016
  5. Heeyay

    Heeyay Modding patch tester

    If you wanted me to disagree and I to stop you from saying your ideas, I would've said it a long time ago by simply saying "Can you stop with some of these stupid ass, immature, porn-filled, heaven-hell ideas?" But no I didn't, I can state all the problems I have with MOST of your ideas, if I truly wanted to. Besides, GOoH is not even canon.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2016
  6. VSW


    Are you referring to me, cause i can't tell unless you quote or tag me :)
  7. Heeyay

    Heeyay Modding patch tester

    I edited my post, so you'll know that I'm talking to you.
  8. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    Gat out of Hell is absolutely canon.
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  9. VSW


    Your previous post or now ?
    For you're previous post for someone who says
    You seem to be that guy.

    From you & a few others here i don't get the feeling of openly share a few ideas & possibilities, no i get a feeling of if it not the same ideas & overall theme of wanting a return to a SaintsRow2 type of game then any other ideas are based on stupidity & beneath you.

    And that has gotten old.

    So do like a few others here have been doing when they don't care for my ideas & simply ignore them.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2016
  10. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    As you guys can't keep it civil, thread locked.
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