SPOILERS Idea for other Ministries (Wiki )

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Lukong1515, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. Ministry of Lust (Like the Dominatrix)
    - Follow & Hunt Down, harder to loose
    - High Soldier Count/Summon (Remember a Joke = In Hell > "Hello, there seems to be a lot of Fornicators here"), but most are melee
    - Turn Peds against Agents or into Soldier's of the Ministry or have Peds Drive at you (Insurance Scam on Drugs)
    - Boss (NaugthyBot) = Chrome & Gold Mechbot with Long-Gatling (Crouch), 2x Short Gatling (Chest), 4 Arms (1xDildo Circle Saw, 1xDildo Bat, 1xDildo Jackhammer, 1xPaddle Whip)

    Ministry of Sloth
    - Debuff/Reverse Points/Mechanics of Gadgets/Agent/Vehicle/Weapons
    - Delay HP Regen, Mayhem/Special Build-up & Ignore Shield
    - Control Time or Weather = Everything moves Quick/Slow/Stops
    - Soldiers are few & slow, but Hi-HP
    - Boss (Slothalot) = A Giant furry in a Orangutan Tassel Hang Suit, Actual Sloth's Nose/Mouth/Eyes/Fur Texture/Hairstyle + Orangutan's Cheeks Shape, Large 3-Toe Claw Hands & Large 2-Toe Feet Right Arm w/Cute Sloth Bracer, Has Happy or No Emotion Face, A Turtleshell Texture-ish Hat, Rides on a Snail Shell
    - When Minister of Sloth is Defeated (Just use your own Music) =
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  2. also the ministry of lust ould have it's members be ALL sexy babes. leaders and generic foot soldiers. I would LOVE that.
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