Character Customization I hate the new character editor.

Yeah sounds like duffy duck in that scene 🤣 voice actors doesnt even look lik trying to make it feel realistic or believible
That must be erica voice... This cassie cage still on elementary school learning to use some funny word to twerking her face to her friends.
Huh ...turns out not only is the CC trash, the whole game is. Funny :).
I don't see many mods beeing created. So, ...I'll probably never buy the game. That's actually really sad. I would create mods myself, but ... you know. I'm not gonna pay ...more than 5$ for this.

Let me know when the game is on sale.
I like it, i was able to make a really good looking Female Blonde Boss. But it's also true it's feels like a cut down SR3/4 version which in turn was a cut down version of SR2. But it's still good enough. One thing that really annoys me are the presets, they are all either HIDEOUS or UGLY at best.

Volition really tried hard to make super nasty looking presets overall, and I am not a fan of those monster/silly like bosses. I like my characters attractive, but looking at all those videos of people showing their's i think i might be part of the minority. Like holy shit! them characters people play with in all those YouTube videos! i don't know if i should laugh or cry. But hey! if they're having fun, don't mind me.


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I don't see many mods beeing created
Well don't be surprised there's no many mods:
1. The game got released 2 weeks ago
2. The SR community is much smaller than GTA or any other big game communities so we don't have a lot of modders
3. We don't even have tools yet to mod the game and there's like only one person making them (doing amazing job btw)

I'm not a big fan of the CC either. It has its uprades and downgrades and lack of sliders and being forced to edit presets is one of them but even if I wasn't able to recreate my main OC from previous SR game I made a pretty looking character
2. The SR community is much smaller than GTA or any other big game communities so we don't have a lot of modders, ...let's make a game ppl will hate. Why would we want to create something ppl would love to buy? Right?

Ok, because I read your responses ... I played SRIIIR again for a few minutes. Tweaked my character a little bit... while downloading the character creator again, ...and I gave it another try. Result: 1,5h later I can't get anything to look good ...and I'm really angry.

At first I just wrote a bunch of words, really bad words, all caps lock, ...but then I thought. Love is money, hate is money, ... the only thing I can do to make you understand is: Forget that you exist.

I give up.
I made a good looking Asian female boss character, I have to say she looks pretty good. At first I decided I’d look up youtube but I didn’t find any so decided to use one of the presets that resembles an asian character and it took so time but I got used to figuring stuff out. What I’ll say is just be patient in learning the work around, I do miss old presets like different race and gender but it works that’s what I’ll say.