SOLVED I can't vaild team_make_neutrals function out of 3

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  1. I repost it in saints row 4 cuz it don't have other team normally in gat outta hell

    I only team behaviour to only found in SRIV mission scripts,
    team_make_allies("police", "deckers")
    team_make_hostile("stag", "police")

    A guess as opposites of neturals ...
    It's it team_make_neutral or team_make_passive or team_make_docile or team_make_docile or team_make_impartial team_make_default ?
    I try all the ones and there all invalid I trying looking in packfiles by extracting each of the files that has .lua
    in no team_make_neturals in any luas not even notoriety.lua that makes the saints hostile to police and luchadores/zin just gain level 1 if level 0 both team goes neutral.

    For saints row 4 normally police & luchadores allies, civilian neutrals to civilian (basically), Morningstar and deckers neutral to luchadores but they don't go hostile of firing cuz crosshair is white plus rival gang type.
    I don't know how the team started with neutrals/default. If I set civilians make allies they will team up not attack, when set them hostile they will kill other or flee away so I need to function to revert back to neturals without loading the game again.

    I could find the 3rd one to restore back neutrals rather than staying hostile and allies to another team forever

    I could think its the name of neutral cuz , I seen in GTA V capture base for NPCs behavour friendly, hostile and netural

    That's not the codes I found - This is wrong functions names I try to type these as a guess.
    team_make_neutral("police", "deckers")
    team_make_neutrals("police", "deckers")
    it didnt work or wrong function name, these aren't in Kinzie's toybox however work in SR3 too.

    I think whenever the Notoriety hits zero the saints just set neutral to police/gang, I could find the Notoriety.lua for used function i havent get yet.

    I try to do any current gang on undercover to police minigames with guessed team_make_neutrals before I seen it in GTA

    if CHANCE_TIME == 0 then
    local PLAYERS_TEAM = get_team(LOCAL_PLAYER)
    team_make_neutral(PLAYERS_TEAM, "police")
    team_make_neutral(PLAYERS_TEAM, "stag")
    team_make_neutral(PLAYERS_TEAM, "civilian")

    sandbox_message("Undercover, don't blow it up. It's your only chance. Keep it yourself and your teammates cool.")
    local PLAYERS_TEAM = get_team(LOCAL_PLAYER)
    team_make_hostile(PLAYERS_TEAM, "police")
    team_make_hostile(PLAYERS_TEAM, "stag")
    team_make_hostile(PLAYERS_TEAM, "police")
    team_make_neutral(PLAYERS_TEAM, "civilian")

    sandbox_message("Undercover is cancelled.")

    elseif player_action_is_pressed(B_RIGHT) and not GRENADE_PUSHED then
    local PLAYERS_TEAM = get_team(LOCAL_PLAYER)

  2. okay if found team_make_unfriendly("Police", "Playas") from the first DLC2 mission aka gangstas in space, but apparently it only works only in Saints row 3, I tested in saints row 4/gat outta hell I didn't work unlike allies and hostile still remains working. I don't know why volition cut that function for unfriendly team part out of 3, but player undercover team works and still remains in saints row 4 and gat outta hell functions but nothing less unused but mainly it was used in Nyteblade returns in SR3.

    that's all 3 of them
    team_make_hostile("playas", "police")
    team_make_allies("police", "deckers")
    team_make_unfriendly("stag", "police") SR3 only
  3. Hello. I think you and I are trying to do the same thing, but unlike me you have figured it out. I am trying to find the lua file that allows you to change teams or make them hostile or friendly in SR3, but I cannot find this file. Do you know where this file is located in SR3 or do I have to write my own lua script? I am new to modding so any advise or instruction you can provide would be helpful.
  4. u can use sr3_city.lua from sandbox+ rather than vanilla. can write your own script from the start of the thread

    here take this one, i've modified more extras crazy commands with team_make _hostile , i did the example for protest or riot mode, police shoot civilians, but no smoke like San andreas but I'm find the smoke effects in mission scripts one time. Rivals gangs are separated like saints row 2 no reuniting allowed. I Crazy stuff in coding and mission hacks. Disable the kill region in Trojan Whores (why it need to necessary instantly kill the player with god mode or never die cheats if I jump or falling the building, disable party music cuz it's annoying party music without TOD override u can a normally TOD switch noon or sunset, if your familiar with this. "Most People just play threw mission and done it, simple" I couldn't get the door to unlock sadly cuz the mission script is compiled and ready-only that pisses me to make the compiled script will fail in m08 there's no set_team well strangely devs did this mission editor.

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  5. also here another example with gang war like San Andreas, basically each gangs are in different islands but not shared in vanilla but this can be modified either scripts or spawns and character tweak table.

    Code (Text):
                    if FOLLOWERS_PSYCHO then
    team_make_allies("morningstar", "civilian")
    team_make_allies("deckers", "civilian")
    team_make_allies("luchadores", "civilian")

    team_make_hostile("morningstar", "deckers")
    team_make_hostile("deckers", "luchadores")
    team_make_hostile("luchadores", "morningstar")

    team_make_hostile("morningstar", "playas")
    team_make_hostile("deckers", "playas")
    team_make_hostile("luchadores", "playas")

    team_make_hostile("neutral gang", "playas")
    team_make_hostile("neutral gang", "playas")
    team_make_hostile("neutral gang", "playas")

    team_make_hostile("morningstar", "neutral gang")
    team_make_hostile("deckers", "neutral gang")
    team_make_hostile("luchadores", "neutral gang")

                    sandbox_message("[format][color:orange]You have provoked gang war[/format]")


    team_make_unfriendly("morningstar", "deckers")
    team_make_unfriendly("deckers", "luchadores")
    team_make_unfriendly("luchadores", "morningstar")

    team_make_unfriendly("morningstar", "playas")
    team_make_unfriendly("deckers", "playas")
    team_make_unfriendly("luchadores", "playas")

    team_make_unfriendly("neutral gang", "playas")
    team_make_unfriendly("neutral gang", "playas")
    team_make_unfriendly("neutral gang", "playas")

    team_make_unfriendly("morningstar", "neutral gang")
    team_make_unfriendly("deckers", "neutral gang")
    team_make_unfriendly("luchadores", "neutral gang")
                    sandbox_message("[format][color:blue]Gang war is streets is cancelled[/format]")


  6. Thanks a lot. You have been a great help. I can't tell you how many posts I've made on this subject (just look around the website and you will see). Still, I know very little about modding and nothing about writing lua scripts. However I have Notepad ++ and I think I can figure it out, with a little help. What I am trying to do is make the police allies to me and the saints (homies, backup, etc.) for the entire game. I accomplished this one way by altering the character.xtbl files, switching the Police NPCs to Playas. However when this is done, the police no longer randomly spawn and only appear when you raise their notoriety. I figure if I can make them allies from the start, without switching their teams, they can be additional saints backup and still randomly spawn. How would you accomplish this in the lua file?
  7. set_undercover_team will help. it works only on player not followers or mission homies, I haven't try homies with an undercover team. One thing this will reset to unfriendly with gangs/police to saints when you get a notoriety if your in each team will then sometimes saints will basically shoot if shoot your current team doesn't effect neutral gang.

    You can even set yourself neutral gang and undercover to saints, and... you have saints back accept one problem any other team your in that's not saints or civilian mainly you will automatically get out the car when you un-match team basically it was use for enemy AIs. For tweak table there no need to set any police team to saints since I have nearly everything I find without a touch of xtbl. this also take effect for homies, and backups too as followers. The commands are there for followers, teleport to you, give guns, god mode, switch teams or current team all that. If anyone of your followers are down will they will revive themselves instantly.

    Before since I found allies and hostile but can't find unfriendly to revert back to normal but since now i found it finally - it's in a gangsta in space DLC script
    too bad this unfriendly function didn't work in SRIV don't why volition cut that function they only use team make hostile to saints to neutral gang and morningstar other than luchadores and police basically, speaking of luchadores and police the notoriety hit to 0 will revert to neutral automatically

    I also this stuff ported SRIV like team make unfriendly isn't in this city lua some commands from SRTT follwers teleports and current team, all that but ones don't appear to have the commands is followers never die, kill team , superpowers (with true override instant death to all teams it's target which it's bad idea what team I'm, never die cheat doesn't but fixed god mode works, damage 0% doesn't doing anything unlike SR3 your safe though kill regions)

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  8. Thanks again. I don't have time right now but I will try it out over this weekend and let you know how things worked.
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