How To Add Weapons

First of all you need Table File Editor, Mod Manager and Thomas Jepp.

After getting these tools, you must extract:
- common.vpp_pc (xtbl files)
- meshes.vpp_pc (model files)
- pegs.vpp_pc (texture files)
- textures.vpp_pc (texture files)
Once you extracted, search for this files to edit:
- weapons.xtbl
- items_inventory.xtbl
- items_3d.xtbl
- store_weapons.xtbl
- Keep in mind that you can always mess with other files like "ammo.xtbl" but i recommend to not edit nothing beside those 4 yet.

If you want to edit GOTR version of the files:
- just copy the files mentioned from GOTR folder and drag them inside common.vpp_pc folder..

If any error happens to open a file:
- extract a vanilla patch.vpp_pc, drag the files and paste them in common.vpp_pc folder (without replacing some files)..

Make sure that "preload.tbl" have some lines.. for example:
- Platinum T3K Urban contains "p_tec9b.smesh", "p_tec9b.g_smesh", "p_tec9b.g_peg" and "p_tec9b.peg". You must add those lines in "preload.tbl" in order to make the weapon show up, otherwise it will be invisible, same thing with any mag/clip.