how to add new homies to saints row 2

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    before we start please note I do not know the limit on new homies.
    first you need to set up a modding enviorment.
    the first thing is to create a new folder. name the folder what even you want, it doesn't matter. for the sake of the tutorial however, I will call it "biomodsr2". next you will need to download gibbed tools for saints row 2 and extract them in the mod folder. now create three folders inside "biomodsr2", named extracted, original, and modded. next copy your patch.vpp_pc and common.vpp_pc files into original. next create two folders inside extracted, one named patch and one named common. after that, extract the patch.vpp_pc into the patch folder and the common.vpp_pc into the common folder. to do this use the extract package tool. now inside both the common and patch folders, you will notice a huge amout of files. you should NEVER modify these files. instead, copy the files you want to modify into your modded folder. to add new homies, you will need the homies.xtbl from your patch folder and the character.xtbl from your common folder. you WILL NOT be modifying character.xtbl, this is only for reference.
    now you want to open the homies.xtbl and copy an entry for a homie at the top of the screen. your new entry should look something like this after you remove a few things.
    Code (Text):
            <Available_Foley>cell phone</Available_Foley>
            <Not_Available_Foley>group - recruit denied attempt</Not_Available_Foley>
    make sure you give all homies a name of driveup_homie! in the display name entry, put what you want your new homies' name to be. for this tutorial I will use the name "Troll Face". your new entry should look like this.
    Code (Text):
    <Display_Name>Troll Face</Display_Name>
    now, open up the character.xtbl file and find the name of the model you would like to use. this will be inside a <character></character> bracket. copy and paste the entry from your character.xtbl and paste it into the <character></character> bracket in the homies.xtbl file. now recompile it with your buildpackage tool and then back up your original patch. now replace the patch in your sr2 directory and test your mod.
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    Do I use "npc_name" or "snpc_name" when picking a character model.
  3. The homies.xtbl file has a limit I believe.
  4. I think your suppose to use "npc_name".
  5. F13


    That's why I replaced legal Lee with Donnie.
    Nothing happened when I picked npc so I picked snpc instead.
  6. Ryan_saint_2 you can have my homies.xtbl file it already have Donnie as the vehicle delivery. Just call him on the cell phone and he will drive up to you in a vehicle you choose. PS, using "snpc" don't work either.

    Me & Donnie, he brings me my Go!:
    SR2_pc 2016-04-12 02-36-30-78.png

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  7. F13


    Thank you very much. I got it working.
    Could this be the problem with the cribs?
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  8. I don't know about the cribs.xtbl file but it could possibly be the same problem.
  9. How would I go about making one as a reward from a mission or activity, like getting Julius after the secret mission without copying the drive up homie?
  10. is it possible to add more homie slots so you could have 4 or 5? if not why?
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