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  1. Hello. I was just messing around with the vehicle XTBL files and thought id release a vehicle mod for Saints Row: The Third, lol. For all that still play the game, download and give it a try. Or not. Or just think about it... Whatever you prefer!
    Now for the read me, but be warned the read me in the mod folder is full of spelling errors, lol.

    -Hot Tuned Drive- Version 1.0
    Hot Tuned Drive is a Revamp of the cars in Saints Row the Third.
    Simple sounding but time was taken to try out different parameters available
    and use them to produce similar effects that occur in cars in the real world.
    But to apply them in a Video Game way so that there are a fun, simple set
    of Sport Vehicles that comprise of Easy Ride or Hard Ride, with other cars
    producing an in between mix, but all vehicles have their own flavor.
    As best as possible :)

    All the vehicles are faster, have a feeling of weight, usually have a rival
    so that i could play those particular cars against each other for tuning
    purposes, and produce various levels of challenge so that if you want to make
    it more difficult to run from the police as well as rival gangs
    then you would use a Hard Ride for the mission or when free roaming.
    Maybe just to have fun with Mayhem in mind? But no Agents...

    -What exactly is a Hard Ride? Easy Ride?-

    Easy Rides are more controllable when accelerating, turning or drifting.
    They may have braking that helps you out when everything starts getting
    tight on the road ;)

    Hard Rides are the opposite, accelerating may cause control issues, turning
    may be great or horrible, drifting feels pro though you gotta drift it right
    or windshield cannon you will be!
    Neutral or Oversteer setup for seat of your pants fun!

    Cars like the Cosmo, GO!, solar, nelson or zimos, the more normal vehicles
    are in between so that you have as wide a selection for your taste at the
    time. Though nelson and zimos are still in the que so not in the Zero
    release, But try the Alaskin out for whats in store in regards to the big
    boi tois(Trukks, S.eww.V's), or Thourogood for you sport truck enthusiasts.

    -What is Zero Release?-
    Just something people can test out to build interest in Hot Tuned Drive Mod.
    I'm not sure how many Vehicles i will adjust but ill see how far i get.
    And when i get there you'll know, like when you found the extra mini game
    in Saints Row 2 but there was no icon on the map so you went to the door of
    the bathroom at that convenience store near the starting crib and started the
    iconless minigame and found out you were earning afew bucks from some man
    who kept telling you "Ow" or "Yeah". That kind of you know X(

    -What is this Mini Game you speak of in Saints Row 2-
    Keeping it Real, Holmes. Keeping it Real.

    -Why Name the Mod Hot Tuned Drive Zero?-
    Because Hot Version was taken.

    -Cars in this Release-
    Emu - Its a small car, get crushed.
    Sovereign - All wheel drive All around easy ride Caddy. Infuego who?
    Bootlegger - Go Left, Go Right. But you wanted to go straight ahead! High Challenge.
    Torch - When the Turbo kicks in yo. High aero car, easy and fun! Raycast wut?
    Raycaster - Its fast. Its Powerful. Its on the edge of hard(!) so the ride will be fun(!)... Oh! is that a torch behind me?
    Cosmo - For the man who likes it not too bitter and not too sweet. The new Cosmo.
    Go! - When you hit bottom, its time to GO! Its better than nothing and there's plenty of rice available at rim jobs.
    Solar - Your too good to GO! But not as good as you'd like to be. Its Easy and fun, just right.
    Infuego - "Please, I am Belgian". Thats what came to mind. Heavy but intense fun. All wheel Drive.
    Peacemaker - "I was hoping you were done with crime". Fast, Powerful, and fun to run from. Its a good balanced ride for our boys in blue.
    Wakazashi - Its a Subaru Impreza WRX STI RS yxz. All Wheel Drive Easy fun.
    Neuron - Its a Mitsubishi Nissan Lancer Evo GS GT-R Vspec RalliArt Nismo. Challenging All Wheel Drive Fun. Master the Drift!

    -To Install-
    place the XTBL things in your Saints Row the Third main game folder, which has the executable file.

    -To Uninstall-
    Delete the XTBL things which pertain to this mod from your Saints Row the Third main game folder.


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  2. Thanks, Glad you enjoy!
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