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Discussion in 'Guides and Tutorials' started by Illusive Saint, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. So for years I want to make my own variants and recently I have downloaded and followed instructions from Masamaru's guide and still no luck.

    My first attempt was to try and make Lin's Voxel and when I called Gat for example with the "Lin" variant I made he sometimes just spawns with a dirty or sporty version with some of the body mods I put in but no luck with white and blue body colour.

    So I have ideas to make SR1 gang cars like Los Carnarles La Fuerza, Vice King Stileto etc.

    At the moment I want to make:
    Lin's Voxal
    Gat version of the Venom Classic
    Saint's Voxal
    Saint's Stilleto
    Saint's Raycaster
    Westside Rollerz Mockingbird & Quaser
    Vice King's NRG V8

    So if anyone could message me a step-by-step guide for a noob please :D

    JGat Variant:

    Wheel: -Bling>Rim #6>Tire Tread #1>Spinners #14>Low Profile Rim Size>Wheel Size 14>Wheel Width 2>
    Hoods: -Option 3
    Front Bumper: -Option 2
    Rear Bumper: -Option 2
    Roofs: -Option 3
    Spoilers: -Option 3
    Mud Flaps: -Option 1
    Exhaust Tips: -Option 3
    Lights: -None
    Mirrors: -Option 3

    Body Color: Paint 1-Gloss Paint>[Royal Purple]
    Body Color: Paint 2-Gloss Paint>[Ultra Bright White]
    Trim: Paint 1-Matte Paint>[Jet Black]
    Trim: Paint 2-Metal>[Gold]
    Wheel: Paint All>-Metal>[Gold]
    Window Tint: Tint 40
    Interior: Active Red

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  2. Better late then never (yeah necro, blah, blah)

    You can use <Vehicle_Variant>(variant name here)</Vehicle_Variant> in the homies.xtbl to force a specific vehicle variant to spawn when a homie rolls up.

    Similar application in the gang_customization.xtbl by using <variant></variant>
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