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  1. This compilation is meant to make the world of Stilwater a little less realistic and a lot more crazy.

    Included in the download are 10 mods with many different variations in order to bring something that anyone can waste a few minutes on.

    Mod List
    • Glitchy Cops - The simulation of Stilwater is starting to break. Swaps police animations around.
    • Aggressive Enforcement - Stilwater has had enough of the Saints. Increases Police and Gang spawns.
    • 0 friction - Removes friction from certain vehicles.
    • Bounce Physics - Makes certain vehicles jump when they land on the ground.
    Bounce physics.jpg
    • Diequick - Sets the max HP of certain vehicles to 1.
    • Tanky APC - Makes the Grizzly have more mass and HP, but a lower max speed.
    • HQ Hangar - Makes the car garage outside the Saint's HQ store airplanes.
    HQHangar (1).jpg HQHangar (2).jpg
    • Xtra Lift - Drastically increases the amount of lift that planes and helicopters generate. (comes in 2 variations)
    • Big Waves - Makes all waves drastically larger. (comes in 5 variations)
    Big&XtraFast (1).jpg Big&XtraFast (2).jpg
    • Ridiculous Ragdolls - Makes all weapons instantly ragdoll their victims and drastically increases the Ragdoll Force Shoot and/or water stream force of all weapons. (Comes in 2 variations plus an option to have negative Ragdoll Force Shoot and water stream force)
    Special thanks to the creators of GOTR because without their patch I never would have completed my playthrough of Saints Row 2 nor made this mod.

    For additional information regarding these mods read the ReadMe provided in the download.

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