Has anyone ever noticed the fighting styles of NPCs?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Janson, Apr 6, 2020.

  1. I was testing weapon pickups and this old guy punched me, but I have never seen this set of animations. It's kinda buggy and he resets to his walking stance right after each attack. He swings his left arm from the side, then his right arm from the side. Most old NPCs I see just use the default attack animation.. the same as the player. He straightens his back before every attack and it jolts into the animation. The only attacks he has is a right hook and left hook. Nothing else, no 3 in a row power attack either.

    I've never seen this animation either...
    Come to think of it, how would I add a new fighting style?
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  2. It's the old fart fighting style, old people in this game use it. Maybe drunkasses use it too, I'm not sure...!
    The kick is what you can use against cowering people, you just have to be careful not to "ragdoll drop" them, get close enough and do a melee attack
  3. See but ive only noticed it gets used on an unpatched game (german version for example) and its really buggy
    also the kick is a different animation to what youre referring to
  4. Hmmm! must be the old man kick animation, since they have their own fight style. I'll try to trigger it on the console
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