Discussion in 'Share your character' started by daspex, May 20, 2019.

  1. Girl Without Any Important Name
    Nerdy Glasses designed by @Admixon.
    Gothic necklace
    True Love bra
    True Love string
    3Count top
    Daisy shorts
    Jumps shoes

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  2. nice. though i think you should mention what clothing mods you need to have installed in order to see the character match the same clothes as in the preview image
  3. I thaught that the clothes are included in the character file because I downloaded and installed a character designed by Unpaid Madman and the character came with clothes which I haven't installed before.So not sure about that.Anyhow you are right I will post at least the names of the clothes.Ill do that later on.
  4. alright. yeah those files only hold the player data values like the sliders, voice and taunts etc. and not the model files otherwise the file would take longer to download.
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