GTA Camera Style Pack for Saints Row IV v1.0
Created by YeehawPhoenix

This mod alters the in-game camera to look as accurate to GTA V's (close view) camera views as possible. This also includes GTA IV camera style for vehicle wear the camera will be directly behind the drivers seat as oppose to being directly centered behind (which is optional of course).

How to install
After downloading, extract the RAR file, open "Cameras" then copy "camera_free.xtbl" and "vehicle_cameras.xbtl" and paste it into your game's directory / root folder (where SRIVLauncher.exe is).

Delete "camera_free.xtbl" and/or "vehicle_cameras.xbtl" from the game's directory / root folder.

This mod in other games
SR2 - GTA V Camera Styles
SR2 - GTA IV Vehicle Camera Style
SRTTR - GTA V Camera Views
SRTTR - GTA IV Vehicle Camera Style

Future update plans
*Normal View option
*Figure out why sprinting FOV won't change
*Fix the awkward transition from (non-super) sprint to exterior jogging/standing


Exterior Camera.JPEG

Free Aim
Free Aim Camera.JPEG

Vehicle (optional)
Vehicle Camera.JPEG

Enjoy! Feel free to comment on anything I can do to improve on this mod or just what y'all think of it :)


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