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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ulthrax, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. I seem to remember from years ago some specific fixes like the Red Asphalt cutscene and other stuff that was not included in GotR - now, I probably ran version 1.9.1 (and then seamlessly updated to 1.9.2) but I really can't remember if I need anything else.

    Had to reinstall everything due to a faulty HD but it's been a long time since I dealt with SR2 setup, so thanks in advance :)
  2. I always had issues with the Red Asphalt cutscene even if I had the fix for 1.9.2 but weirdly I fixed it by copying the bh04.lua file over to the "1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE" folder then I quit having issues with the cutscene. Here, take this file and drop it in the "1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE" folder then rebuild patch and your issues are over for that cutscene.

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  3. Got it, thank you Fusion (I'm on Windows 7 but I guess the cutscene issue isn't OS-related)
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