You will need to download SpecialK in order to use this mod.
• Download SpecialK here, create a folder in My Documents labeled 'My Mods' (if you do not already have one) and extract SpecialK into this folder.
• Run the program, find Saints Row The Third: Remastered in the library tab and launch the game. If you do not get an overlay when you launch the game, something went wrong.
• Once you're at the main menu, quit the game and you should now have a folder in your My Mods/SpecialK folder called 'Profiles' with another folder named 'Saints Row The Third Remastered' inside of it.
• Create a folder called 'inject', and then inside of that folder another called 'textures'.
• Extract this .zip into the 'textures' folder.

You should now be able to launch the game and have the Candy Girl top but without the arm warmer/gloves.

If you need a more in-depth description on how to do the above, see this link for a tutorial created by jackceck

I am also using the [Port from SRIV] Reasonable Body Slider and Enhanced Muscle Definition mods by K686
(I set the 100% number to 2.0, the mod's default is 3.0 so if you do not edit it your character will be even more cut/defined.)

I tried to find all of the texture/normal map/etc files for the top but it seems something is still causing the now-invisible arm bands are still casting shadows at times, which can be seen in the images I uploaded. If someone can correct this, I will update the files and give appropriate credit.​


  • Gloveless Candy Girl Top.zip
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