Gibbed tools

I am the only one who can unpack preload_anim.vpp_pc but run into troubles while packing it back? Source vpp_pc weights 16,6 MB and re-packed version 20,9 MB. It crashes also game during loading screen.

EDIT: Alright, I got it to work! It was all about putting -n parameter.
How did you solve it?
You don't open them but drag and drop their respective file types onto them.
Minimaul, why after i unpack and edit or unpack and dont edit, once i repack it makes the file way to big from its original size even if i dont edit nothing. misc_tables_startup.vpp_xbox2 is 10.8mb and then once unpacked its 41.7mb. once repacked unedited/edited, its 45.5mb. why does it not go back to its normal size? Only problem im having, please help.
I can unpack str2 files with your tools but when i change anything in the files and try to repack the str2 your tools crashes!:(
Run the tool without any parameters. Compression is an option.
Can you explain how to do this? In the bat file mine says "Gibbed.SaintsRow2.BuildPackage.exe multiplayer_tables.vpp_PC multiplayer_table" and the file comes out a lot larger than the original. Can you please show a text of how it should look?
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