Gentlemen / Things To Do / Super Ethical

Hey all, new here, and recently felt the need to play SR3 again, after a long hiatus. Was always a big fan of Gentlemen of the Row for SR2, but never really modded SR3 much.

I want to however, and I already knew about Gentlemen of Steelport, but while searching for a link for it I stumbled upon 'Things to do in Steelport' and the 'Super Ethcial Patch'. Supposedly, Gentlemen has been deprecated, and Things To Do does most of the same, if not all.

Basically I'm looking for a quick rundown on how the 3 compare to eachother when it comes to content. I'm mostly looking for cut content, vehicle customization, Sandbox+ functionality, etc, and *stability*. Fun stuff.

Anyone have some pointers? Thanks in advance.