Genkis "Baka" Pack (New Version)

Mod completely redone, changed/added more stuff
I tried to make it crazy/ silly

For Players that have all "Arcane Power" ups.

Required: A MOD that adds Phone menu
If you have a custom boss player, you already have it.
If you don't have access to
This MOD will give access V6 - Cheats + Phone + Store menu


+ Zimos is Dane
+ ArchDuke is the Nutcracker
+ ArchDuke has more health and is immune to cold (freeze)
+ Viola is Female Pierce
+ Gimps are main characters
+ Mascots enemies
+ more vehicle variants
+ all vehicles have nitro
+ More Homies (must purchase in abilities)
Then call them (extras/ phone)
+ Mech robot as homie
+ Giant Saintsflow mascot homie (backup 1)
+ 5 backup homies added
+ Summon recharge is faster
+ Summon titan has more health
+ Summon spire has more health and longer range
+ Enemies spawn in a flying car (can also ride the flying car)
+ Pedestrians drop more health (now you have a reason to attack them)
+ Different pedestrians (variety) like Female Brutes
+ More enemies have super powers
+ Different enemies
+ Longer Notoriety
+ Dex is Cyrus

If Notoriety levels times are to long for you, delete "notoriety_levels" to make it short.


I'll add an "optional mod" that replaces the ped in "torment fraud" activity

How to install:
1) Locate the "packfiles" folder (where your game launcher is)
2) Backup "characters.vpp_pc" it's in the packfiles/ pc/ cache folder.
Place "characters.vpp_pc" in your desktop or any place you can easily find it.
This mod replaces "characters.vpp_pc" have a backup so when you remove the mod.
3) Place everything in your Main Gooh directory (where your game launcher is)
4) Replace "characters.vpp_pc" and " unlockables"
5) Play Game


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