Gat & Kinzie in the Temple of BOOM!

Game Idea:
It would be cool to see Gat and Kinzie in another miss adventure together.

This time Gat and Kinzie time travel to the past to stop Zinyak from blowing up the world.
Kinzie, Matt and Oleg invent a time machine. Gat volunteers and Kinzie joins in to make sure
there's a successful return back. With special smartphones that help connect a signal from
user to teleport machine. Gat and Kinzie are ready to time travel. The boss and Pierce
argue who gets to press the red button. As they both run to press the button the boss pushes
Pierce into the control panel and the motherboard short circuits. There's a big boom and then
Gat and Kinzie disappear. Gat and Kinzie wake up in a jungle. In the present Oleg and Matt are trying
to fix up the time machine. Gat and Kinzie discover they're in: The Aztec Empire 1345
Gat and Kinzie get captured by the Aztec army. They are now taken to the highest pyramid.
2 aztecs are sacrificed now it's Gat and Kinzies turn. Gat says f this and grabs the aztec warriors
and pushes them down. Gat and Kinzie now escape with the help of the Aztec princess.
She tells them the aztec's have been possessed by evil spirits that came from the stars.
Only the weak minded seem to be affected. Kinzie finally finds a way to communicate to
the present, through text. Oleg says it'll be a 2 weeks before the machine is fully repaired.
Kinzie sets up camp inside a tree.


Go to Kinzie to upgrade weapons
Find rock tablets (clusters)
Aztec Weapons
Find Aztec Homies

In the final battle against the whole army Boss and Pierce time travel to help.
Oleg and Matt instruct Boss and Pierce not to bring weapons from the present
because it may affect history. Boss and Pierce time travel fully loaded.
Armed to the teeth with guns from the present. They blow up everything.
Hinting on why Aztec empire fell with no clues.
Saints change history and when Zinyak arrives he's humiliated and defeated.