Gangsta Bitch (SR2)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DB7.5, Oct 18, 2019.

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    To celebrate the news of SR2 getting a major update here's a gangsta bitch (name suggestions welcome) formula as I want to share something for this game; I might post yet another fucking Reshade file I made too that I'm using in the picture above, undecided atm:

    Crown - default
    Forehead- 40,0,30
    Brow- 25,30,55,20,0,0
    Eyes - 26,0,0,27,100,75,15,33,15,60
    Nose - 25,46,25,50,40,40,46,20,40,36,10,30,25,40,35,50,30,30,25
    Mouth - 35,85,23,45,0,55,10,45,25,70,18,50,73,30,70
    Chin- 40,45,36,32,35,35,35,0
    Jaw - 10,20,13

    Hair Colour: Row 1 Across 2(Brunette) - Row 2 Across 1(Blonde)
    Eyebrows: Waxed
    Eye Colour: Celadon
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