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Gang Plus One (Saints Heroes Gang)

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by encogen, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. In short, adds more gang customization options, so that now you can get STAG as your personal army or tag-team with Killbane. It also makes homies and gang members in general less irrelevant by giving them better weapons.

    As a friendly warning: GPO is intended for post-endgame play and WILL disrupt the balance of a normal playthrough in more than one way. It is not recommended to be used until after the game is beaten.

    If you are upgrading from v0.9 ~ v1.1, reset gang selection to "Saint 1" in all four slots, save the game, delete GPO and only then install 1.2.

    To install copy all of the [.xtbl] files from either Ethical or Unethical folders into SRTT's root [...\Steam\steamapps\common\saints row the third].

    SAINTIFEX is the all-Saints build, with most of the civilian options (like bikers) replaced.

    GANGFERNO focuses around opposing groups - Syndicate and law enforcement - and their colours. There are no Saints to be found here.

    CIVOLUTION ditches gangs in favour of pedestrians shooting other pedestrians in the face.

    ENCOLLECTION has no particular theme to it, instead focusing on story persona in particular and female characters in general. This compilation is the distilled "Unethical" build of previous GPO versions, and is basically my custom "mix of choice".
    COLOUR SHUFFLER allows you to customize (to an extent) the colour of your gang, although it will only affect a number of characters (refer to character lists for each build). The mod uses "Stilwater Purple" as the default options - simply replace the appropriate .xtbl file with the file of your choice.​
    DLC CHARACTERS adds "Genkibowl" and "Trouble with Clones" characters, as well as expands the "Alien" group. This module must be treated with caution - groups were created specifically for GPO and as such will crash SRTT if you save the game with any of the DLC characters selected (excluding the first 2 in the "Gangstas in Space" group) and uninstall GPO afterwards.
    SAINTS CROWD mod can be used standalone or with any build of GPO. It makes it so that more Saints spawn on the streets and in the cribs. In case of the latter, they will replace any stray civilian spawns (no more sweaty middle-aged men getting a lap dance in your stronghold). Installation is the same as for the main mod.

    WEAPON CHANGES ONLY is a small standalone mod - its purpose is to give the gang members and homies different weapons without any of the extra fluff like health buffs and whatnot. It is to be used without GPO.


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  2. Spent some time fiddling with the tables. At the moment it replaces a good deal of default options.
    - Clubbers are now an all-female team consisting of default club chicks mixed with default saints ones and Birk in the middle;
    - Guardsmen are Cyrus, Kia, Stag commando and that idiot Nyteblayde;
    - Cops are Mayor Reynolds and a bike cop (likely to be replaced);
    - Gimps are default male and female gimps plus the Safeword gimp with the buttplug and gimp-Zimos (he still talks though);
    - Morning Star are Bloody Cannonnes, one default female, Kiki, Loren (eye-patched), MS Sniper and the Assassination client from the Saints Book (looks similar to the default one *shrug*);
    - Deckers are Matt Miller, Cyber Decker, Roller Blader and default mooks (for now);
    - Luchadores are Killbane in his green suit; Grenadier, a couple of default luchas and 2 space variants;
    - Space Saints are Space Shaundi, Pierce and Gat, along with a quartet of floating balls from test stages of the game called "SkinBalls";
    - Mascots have Genki with his normal colour scheme, Ninja and the floating Question Mark from Whored mode (everything else is the same);
    - Ninja is a Cypher - female wearing the Ultor Assassin suit (likely from the unreleased Money Shot mini-game);
    - Hos are mostly the same, with 2 of them being replaced with Monica Hughes and the cross-dressing Brute;
    - Wrestlers are Killbane and Angel in their ring outfits;
    - Strippers, Bikers and Punks are at the moment untouched.

    Specialist characters spawn as regular saints thugs and use normal animations (i.e. no roller blading around). Making them spawn in the world was a bit confusing, but it works, without interfering with proper specialist spawns. I do have in mind how to beef up the gang a bit, since, for example, the only brute I have despite actually behaving like a brute and kicking shit around, dies from one shot. Same goes for Killbane. And that's silly.

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  3. Added v0.5 to the first post.
    Read the document included (forgive the typos - I was a bit hasty with that text), have fun, report bugs.

    Edit: complimentary mayhem footage
  4. Going to try this out tonight! Thanks, this looks badass.
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  5. if you don't mind me asking what is your chara wearing its awesome :)
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  6. If you mean the grey catsuit - that's Ultor Assassin from the Money Shot DLC. I'm a sucker for ULTOR insignia.
  7. ok thx follow up question where can i get it from? (the moneny shot dlc ?)
  8. Buy the Prima guide.
  9. Added v0.6 to the first post.

    Not a lot of changes here. Main goal was to make different versions of the mod in case anyone feels it does more than it's supposed to. For this, "Lite" version has recruitable Brutes with the same amount of health as regular saints and no weapon changes. Additionally, "Loadouts Only" has weapon changes only. "Full" is, naturally, the real deal.

    As for the contents, Oleg has been moved to Bikers, together with his nude version. I've also applied some minor changes to a number of characters. Killbane, in particular, is constantly aggro and can attack a random civilian if he feels like it.
  10. Having a team of COLOURED Genki's has been a want for a long time, the purple look really didn't look good, so I thank you for that.
    This mod also gives some hope towards these models being suits/playermodels, GTA IV trainers had this type of thing and it was awesome running around as main characters/NPC's .

    Keep up the great work!