Game just closes itself while starting

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by Vontrix, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. I installed GOTR a few minutes ago, I did everything how I should an every time I try to start sr2 it just closes itself before even getting to the menu.
  2. Why'd you make 2 threads?
    You've got to give a bit more information than that. There's a multitude of things that might have gone wrong, so you need to be specific.
    Are you playing the German version of the game?
    When you started the game, was the gamespy logo replaced with the Gentlemen logo?
    Did you install any additional mods (the ones packaged with GOTR and any you downloaded yourself)?
    Have you tried running the game in compatability mode (I think XP SP3 or Vista work best, from experience)?

    When you install it, make sure you put the custom patch files in the SR2 root folder, where SR2_Pc.exe is and all that.
  3. Yes I am playing the german version, when the game started everything was replaced with the gotr wallpapers.
    I did nothing just pressed p without selecting anything.
    I did not ill try now.
  4. That is the real issue! GOTR is NOT COMPATIBLE with German version of SR2 (@IdolNinja has said already this about his mod). You need to get the international version instead (from Steam). Then you'll be probably able to run the game with GOTR installed. Good luck!
  5. What the hell, why is the german version this fucked up... Every fucking time I want to do something it crashed GOTR was my last chance :c
  6. German releases of video games often undergo censorship due to Germany's laws about the depiction of violence in media. Considering their history, it is understandable.

    For example, those laws are why Probotector exists.
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