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Game freezing at menus

Discussion in 'Patch Suggestions and Bug Reports' started by Ryan_saint_2, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. I got saints row 4 months ago and it froze whenever I went to the missions part of the pause menu my computer froze exept for a small fraction of the screen. I tought this was caused by the replayable missions mod I installed so I verified my cache on steam....four times as it didn't work. I then deleted my savefile and started the game again. Same problem. I deleted saints row 4 from my pc and re downloaded the whole entire thing. It finished installing today. (because I have an awful Internet) I started another save file, after I landed in the white house the game froze when attempting to load the character creation. I downloaded a 100% save file to see if it would work. It successfully loaded the savefile. I clicked on the missions menu to see what would happen (because I too like to live dangerously) and it froze the same way it originally did. I then loaded the savefile again and decided to aviod using that part of the hub and went to image as designed. Image as designed's menu never loaded. What the hell is going on and how do I fix this?I'll download Sandbox + and use the command to use image as designed to see if that works. If not ill download saints row The third and pretend this never happened for the sake of my own sanity.
  2. So i tried using sandbox+ to see if i could use the cmmand to use image as designed. it didn't work. I downloaded image as designed fix for sandbox+ and still didn't work. I downloaded my character off character gallery succesfully.
  3. Im not sure. It doesn't matter now because I decided to aviod using image as designed and the missions menu.
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  4. I downloaded Fanofsaints' sandbox plus and used the command to use image as designed, it actually worked.
  5. [V] Knobby

    [V] Knobby Volition Staff

    Are you crashing or just freezing? If you are crashing, do you have any mdmp files you could upload?
  6. Yeah, there's alot of mdmp files. I had to put them all in a folder!
    EDIT: they're ordered by date. so the one's at the top are about the mission select menu and the one's at the bottom are caused by image as designed. recentlry the game cerashed when i was testing out a mod, it froze at the loading screen. ignore that.

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  7. [V] Knobby

    [V] Knobby Volition Staff

    Your game thinks there are more character infos for the guitar action node than there really are. It is looking up the 4th character that it can put into that node in order to update animations. There are only 3 characters. I... don't know why that would happen other than bad data or something. Since you've done clean installs I'm not sure what would cause that. Another crash in here has to do with weapon costumes. Maybe that is your mod? Here's another crash that is in loading homies from the save game file.

    I wonder if there is something wrong with your data or hardware. Your crashes seem to be in places that I just wouldn't expect and they are things that don't make sense, like 4 character presets instead of 3, etc. Is there any more information you can give about the crashes? Maybe attach your savegame or something?
  8. Another bug is when i highlight the pump action shotgun and the .44 handgun at friendly fire or at the gateway they never load, this is likely what you where talking about when you mentioned weapon costumes. i think i know what this is cused by: i once put 2 weapon mods in the roots foler that weren't compatible, i took one out but i think i accidently left traces of it in the folder. i took every file ascociated with weapon sout of the folder. the mod i made that caused the game to not load is a failed attempt at adding a new skin for the baseball bat and the lazer sword.

    When i attempted to add the folowing homies in
    dane vogel, shaundi prrez, kinzie prez, johnny gat zombie, angél de la muerte with mask, angél de la muerte with mask, jane valderama.
    they wouldn't arrive upon calling them. the only homie i got working succesfully was lin. I know it is possible to recruit these people as i seen it done successfully before.

    I'm not sure about that guitar action node thing. and also attaching my savefile will be useless as the bugs are shared with all savefiles. and my current savefile is one i downloaded.
    EDIT: What file is the guitar action nodes located?
    EDIT i started the game again to see and now the following weapons don't have ui pictures: semi auto shotgun, heavy smg, rapid fire smg, baseball bat, automatic rifle, sniper rife. i equipeed them and now they have pictures. they worked fine.
    also i have steam set to take screenshots when i press f12 on the keyboard. but i couldn't take pictures on sr4. i tought maybe this was because of maybe f12 was in use so i re-mapped it as + on the numpad but it still wouldn't work. the game even frose when i rapidly tapped it! screenshots do work with other games.
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  9. It can't be anything hardware related as I have a a powerful pc, in fact I don't have to worry about anything hardware related for another while. Maybe it's because you can take community screenshots.
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